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When hiding a cache, there are several methods used by geocachers to record the coordinates of thier newly hidden cache. Whatever method you use will depend upon your personal preference and your equipment.

There are several techniques available:

  1. dak's Emu Mob created this file detailing the steps necessary to gain accurate, reliable co-ordinates which can be used in conjunction with the following tips. Accurate Reliable Co-ordinates PDF 2MB Accurate Reliable Co-ordinates ZIP 900KB
  2. Leave the gps at ground zero for a few minutes then take a waypoint.
  3. Use the 'Average Waypoint' function within your GPS to automatically average the position. Some GPS receivers do this automatically when stationary.
  4. Take several waypoints at ground zero over a period of time, then manually average the waypoints.
  5. Take a waypoint at ground zero, walk away 15m or so then return and take another waypoint. Repeat this process in several diffrent directions wherever possible.
  6. Take a waypoint on several different days and average them - this allows you to take readings with under significantly different satellite constellations.

Some further benefits may be provided by using an external antenna if you have access to one.