Adopting a cache

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Occasionally cache owners need to transfer ownership of their listings to other cachers.

If the cache is listed on you can use their adoption form for self service cache adoptions.

To use the facility:

The current owner sends an adoption request by entering the cache GC code on a form and then, on the following page, the name of the adopting cacher, along with a note. The adopting cacher will receive an email with a clickable link to complete the adoption.

An adoption can be cancelled at any time before the adopting cacher accepts the adopton by returning to the page and entering the GC code. You will be given an option to cancel.

If you decide to cancel the adoption before it is completed, the adopting cacher will not receive an additional email notifying of the cancellation.

This form cannot be used for orphan caches. Contact a reviewer if the owner cannot be found.

This form also works to adopt Travel bugs or Geocoins