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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

A Beacon Geocache is a Multi-cache that uses technological means to determine one or many subsequent waypoints; This cache type ,ay require specialised hardware and/or software to complete, so be sure to read the cache's listing page before seeking.

Examples of technology that could be used include:

  • SPOT active GPS trackers. GCA has done some testing on these and can facilitate auto-updating of your cache should you decide to use one of these devices. Contact the admins for more information. Make sure you are using up-to-date information when seeking one of these caches!
  • Garmin Chirp Beacons: (see [1]) : These devices allow you to act as a stage in a multi-cache and send the next co-ords to the finders GPS Unit. NOTE: These currently only work with a subset of Garmin Devices with specific hardware and firmware configurations, thus potentially limiting the potential finders.

You are not restricted in what technologies you use for this cache type, its limits are only your imagination (and possibly your finances)

There is also the possibility that we can facilitate using old smartphone hardware such as old iPhones etc (provided you do all the work on the hardware side). We'd love to help you make your own exciting hi-tech beacon cache!