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After some discussion in the forum over how to deal with the increasing problem of poor logging etiquette / feedback from iPhone and some newer cachers I knocked up a quick email template. When I receive a blank, TFTC, or "Sent from my Mobile Device" log, I fire back an adjusted version of this email to the cacher in a bid to politely educate them on the benefits of adding a few more meaningful words to their online logs. Feel free to cut/paste/edit it to your liking for your own use. Remember, most people leave those logs because they dont know anything different. If they dont reply, well at least you tried ;)

Make sure you change / removed the bits between the < > to suit :D

Email Template

Hi <iPhone Cacher Name>!

Thanks for finding my cache <hide-I-spent- a- good-bit-of-effort-on-to-create-your-experience> the other day, I hope you had fun on the hunt. Just a quick email to see if you did actually enjoy the cache? I see you <are quite new to the hobby and> haven’t been writing logs, which as a cache hider is really disappointing. I blame the iPhone, as most of the time blank and TFTC logs come from people logging in the field instead of back home online. One of the best parts of our hobby is sharing your experiences with others, particularly the hider who has gone to the effort of creating the caches for you to have fun finding. I understand there are a number of rubbish caches out there which warrant little comment but for the most part it is considered polite to leave at least a few words for each log so the cache hider knows their effort has been appreciated…. (or that their cache needs improvement >:) Not only does this let the community share your experience, but also importantly lets the owner know what condition the cache is in, and can assist future finders.

I hope you continue to enjoy the hunt, and choose to give a little feedback in the future. <When you get your first hide out and see 5 blank, “TFTC” and “sent from my mobile device” logs on the cache you poured yourself into this will make more sense ;) >

On that, if you need any help or advice on hiding a great <first> cache others will rave about or have any other questions let me know and Id be happy to help. Or why not come check out the Geocaching Australia Forums ( which are great fun and where any and all questions can be answered :D

Regards, Zalgariath (aka James)