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Something to hold all the bits and pieces.

A cache container can be any container, however some are more suitable than others.

Some common containers:

  • Plastic lunch or food storage boxes.
  • 35m film containers.
  • Ex military metal Ammunition boxes.
  • Small plastic tool boxes.
  • Pill containers.
  • Magnetic key holders.
  • Old torches.
  • Old washed pool chemical containers.
  • Old paint cans

The most popular container is the plastic food storage box, followed by ammunition boxes. If you intend putting a cache in an area frequented by animals, a metal container will last longer as animals can't chew holes in it.
The main thing is to ensure the lid is tight fitting and watertight. Lose fitting lids lead to wet and mouldy contents.

Some of the standard cache sizes are micro, small, regular and large.

Many of the caches will be camouflaged to make them less obvious to muggles and /or more challenging to find.