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Caching Records

Some cachers have an interest in challenging themselves by trying for a caching record. The most obvious of these is to try and find the most caches in a single day.

Previous Record Holders

Note that not all attempts listed here may conform to the Guidelines currently listed below, but (unless otherwise noted) they are listed as attempts that were accepted by the community as genuine attempts based on the understanding of the acceptable guidelines at that time.

Most found in 24 hours

The record holders for the most caches found in 24 hours in Australia are:

  • Rabbitto found 33 on 20th November 2004 (Victoria)
  • teamkittens found 43 on 1st January 2005 (Victoria)
  • Rhinogeo and Facitman found 44 on 8th February 2005 (Victoria)
  • team Horizons found 53 at the Dubbo Gold Rush, June 2005 (NSW)
  • Rabbitto found 56 on 12th March 2005 (Victoria)
  • Acts2youthgroup found 77 on 7th October 2005 (Victoria)
  • HawMorFords found 101 on 16th September 2006 (Victoria)

Current state records

  • SA - 73 - Beakers Bunch (8 Oct 06)
  • TAS - 36 - Aloysius7 & Prunes (2 Sep 06)
  • VIC - 101 - HawMorFords (16 Sep 06)
  • QLD - 62 - Bundyrumandcoke (5 Oct 06)
  • NSW - 53 - Team Horizons (11 Jun 05)
  • WA - 26 - nobodyZ (6 May 06)
  • ACT - 23 - acts2youthgroup (14 Aug 06)

Previous state records


  • SA -
  • TAS -
  • VIC -
  • QLD -
  • NSW - 53 - Team Horizons (11 Jun 05)
  • WA -
  • ACT -


  • SA -
  • TAS -
  • VIC -
  • QLD -
  • NSW -
  • WA -
  • ACT -


  • SA -
  • TAS -
  • VIC -
  • QLD -
  • NSW -
  • WA -
  • ACT -

Highest Daily Score

A daily score is defined as the total sum of the product of difficulty and terrain, which could be expressed as DAILY SCORE = SUM (DIFFICULTY * TERRAIN)

The current record holders for this are yet to be determined.


The following is a set of suggested guidelines for claiming a record. These guidelines have nothing to do with what is or isn't allowed when caching, but are meant as helpful hints for those who may wish for their effort to be recognised by the community, i.e. if you find a record number of caches but did it outside of these guidelines you may find that some others do not recognise your achievement. If these guidelines don't appeal to you then feel free to cache by your own standards.

  1. A record must occur in a single 24 hour period,
    • It is still undecided whether this needs to be from midnight to midnight;
    • Caches can all be given the same log date on the internet for statistics purposes.
  2. All cache types can be included in the attempt;
    • Any locationless should only be claimed once.
  3. Anyone assisting with any of the finds is part of 'The Team'.
  4. At least one particular member of The Team should visit every cache,
    • This particular team member should actively assist in every cache find.
    • Only one member of the team needs to locate the cache ie. not everyone in the group needs to independently find the box!
  5. No member of the team should have found the cache previously.
  6. No pre-finding or scouting of physical waypoints should occur by any members of the team prior to the attempt;
    • Teams can skip waypoints on multi's, provided they are not using knowledge garnered prior to the attempt.
    • Research (other than visiting physical waypoints) may be done prior to the day, eg: solving a puzzle cache based upon information on the cache page.
  7. The team should not seek any support for finding the cache;
    • There should be no phone a friend calls for hints, information or even DNF confirmations;
    • No advice on the location of particular caches should be sought from other cachers prior to the attempt.
  8. A DNF is a DNF, no cache no find. The team should not place a replacement cache for a lost cache then claim a find.
  9. For physical caches, The Team must sign the logbook, a stamp or sticker can be used;
    • consider adding find number and time of find;
    • in some form, the log needs to show the team name, date of find etc.
    • caches may still be logged as separate finds if The Team consists of multiple, separately registered cachers.
  10. The listing site is unimportant. If a cache is listed on multiple sites, it can only be claimed once.
    • GCA and GC caches are equally valid for a record run.