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==Choose a cache==
Given it's your first [[geocaching]] adventure, we suggest trying a [[cache]] that is
* Nearby, so you can go home for more clues if necessary
* Easy, so you have a good chance of finding it
* Recently found, so there's a good chance that the cache hasn't been [[muggled]]
To identify this type of [[cache]]:
* Go to [[Geocaching Australia]] (open this in a new window so you can refer to this page at the same time)
* Type your suburb in search box the top right hand side of the screen and press "enter"
You should see a list of [[cache]]s.  If you don't, then try typing in a nearby larger suburb or area in the search box.
To find an easy [[cache]], look for one with easy [[terrain and difficulty]].
These are shown as columnn "Terr" and "Diff" in the list.

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