Finding your first cache

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Choose a cache

Given it's your first geocaching adventure, we suggest trying a cache that is:

  • Nearby, so you can go home for more clues if necessary
  • Ratedas easy, so you have a good chance of finding it
  • Recently found, so there's a good chance that the cache hasn't been muggled

To identify this type of cache:

  • Go to (open this in a new window so you can refer to this page at the same time)
  • Type your suburb in the search box at the top right hand side of the screen and press "Enter"

You should see a list of caches. If you don't, then try typing in a nearby larger suburb or area or Postcode in the search box. A Postcode search will give a list with distances to each cache. With a suburb search you can get a similar list by clicking the cache name and then the Other Caches Nearby link on the right of the page.

To find an easy cache, look for one with easy terrain and difficulty. These are shown as column "Terr" and "Diff" in the list.