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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.


Geocaching Australia has developed a read-only JSON based query system for external applications to access cache data in real time.

This psuedo-API is READ ONLY at the moment until a suitable authentication model is developed.

NOTE: Only Geocaching Australia geocaches and logs are available to be pulled through this API.

Cache Query

The cache query url is: http://geocaching.com.au/caches/gca.json

The following parameters can be used:

center=<lat>,<lon> the center point of the returned caches in ddd.dddddd format

cacher=<cachername> If searching using Unfound, Found and Owned this parameter is mandatory

unfound=1 Returns caches that the cacher hasn't found

found=1 Returns caches that the cacher has found

owned=1 Returns caches that the cacher owns

NOTE: unfound, found and owned should not be used in combination, but rather as separate queries

include=<string of cache types> Include only the cache types specified

exclude=<string of cache types> Exclude the cache types specified

eg to include ONLY Multis, Trads and Trigs you would use &include=MTZ

List of cache types:

B - Moveable

C - Cache In Trash Out

D - Beacon

E - Event

H - Burke and Wills

I - Wherigo

L - Locationless

M - Multi-cache

O - Other

P - Podcache

R - Earthcache

T - Traditional

U - Unknown or Mystery

V - Virtual

W - Webcam

X - Letterbox

Y - Mega-Event

Z - TrigPoint