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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

The Geocaching Australia Rewards Program offers tangible rewards to Geocaching Australia members for various reasons and activities.

100 GCA Finds

GCA 100 Finds Reward Pathtag

The first implementation of the GCA Rewards Program is the 100 Finds Reward Pathtag.

This pathtag is sent out to a cacher who achieves 100 Geocaching Australia finds.

The type of cache found does not matter. They can be traditional, multi, mystery, virtual, locationless, etc. The whole gamut of Geocaching Australia caches are valid for this reward.

Each Monday at around 12:00pm (midday), a check is made against the database and if you have achieved 100 Geocaching Australia finds you will be sent an email offering our congratulations and details as to how to claim your pathtag. An email will be sent each Monday until you complete the details to enable us to send your reward through to you. If you do not wish to receive a reward, please contact one of the site administrators.

Once you have completed the details to enable us to send you your reward, the email notification will stop. As some of the site administrators have a life (well, we call it work), we will endeavour to get your reward out in the mail the following Friday. This will hopefully mean you reward will be received the following week.

For those people who have achieved multiple 100 finds rewards (i.e. they are already above 200 Geocaching Australia finds), they will receie multiple emails, one for each 100 finds they have achieved. This ensures that they receive recognition retrospectively.

You will also see a GCA 100 Rewards icon on your forum posts and on your cacher page, giving a visual indication to the world that you are a Geocaching Australia 100 Finds rewards achiever.

This cost of this pathtag and the mailing costs are funded separately to the donations towards the GCA server. We do NOT use the donations to the server fund for anything other than funding the server.

So if you are close to 100 GCA finds, get your GPS and yourself out into the wild, find some GCA caches and get in line to claim your reward.