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The PocketPC offers several pieces of software, in commercial, shareware and freeware that are useful for GPS use and geocaching.

Pocket PC Magazine in their Best Software Awards 2005 (Pocket PC, GPS Categories) listed several peices of software that may be of interest.


  • BeeLineGPS A geocaching application for GPS-enabled Pocket PCs that is ideal to guide you on tours and alert you to geocaches. Also, gives advanced warning for speed traps. It allows a waypoint to play a sound file and display a message screen when near a waypoint. Makes your PPC look like a handheld GPS receiver with GPX and geocache features
  • GPS Tuner A high-precision GPS measurement, mapping and geocaching tool for the Pocket PC. It features its own averaging technique, so you will get higher precision and more accurate positioning. You are able to use JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP files as map. Waypoint manager function helps you view, add, modify or delete your locations, and load or save GPX files.
  • GPSdash2 Specially designed to work with special map-material (e.g. satellite photos, nautical maps etc.). GPSdash is your perfect partner for hiking, sailing or any similar outdoor activity.
  • Outdoor Navigator Displays your Maptech Terrain Navigator topo maps, Maptech digital marine charts, and AeroPack charts on Pocket PC. Each map and chart is sold separately.) You can add your own marks on the map and the range and bearing data is calculated instantly. The software is GPS compatible so you can connect a GPS receiver to it and see your position on the map in real time.
  • VITO Navigator II VITO Navigator II is our next navigation product, that inherits all the advantages of the popular VITO Navigator. It includes many new features. Compatible with most NMEA-0183 GPS receivers and Pockets PCs. Allows you to create and manage your tracks and pushpins, and import from .csv and .loc files. Modular structure and plug-ins support yields extended functionality and customization. A review can be found here - [1]
  • Navio - Navigation/mapping software with GPX & LOC support.

Waypoint Management


See also Waypoint management software for other platforms.

GPS Moving Map

  • OziExplorerCE Interactive, raster-image, trip planning and moving-map software: add waypoints, routes, and tracks by simple point-and-tap. Digital maps of a particular area of the world can be scanned and calibrated from paper charts. Some free maps are available from the developer's Web site.
  • Pocket Streets 2005 Now anyone can get real-time GPS and accurate handheld mapping on the go. Included at no additional cost in Streets & Trips 2005 and Streets & Trips 2005 with GPS Locator (PC). Easily locate addresses, intersections, and points of interest. You can even customize maps, map an address directly from Pocket Outlook and download maps from Streets & Trips 2005.
  • Street Wizard Navigator Performs address-to-address routing on a Windows Mobile device and displays a highlighted map and text directions. It also interfaces with your GPS to give you a rotating, moving map display. As you approach the next turn it shows the map, gives you the name, turn direction and time to next turn.
  • VITO SmartMap Easy-to-use mapping and navigation GPS application. Can be used together with the existing large collection of VITO maps, as well as with custom made vector or raster maps, single- or multi-layer. Creates and manages tracks and pushpins that can be exported into other GIS programs. VITO maps .vtm format is designed specially for the Pocket PC and provides fast handling of large maps.

GPS Utilities

  • ArcPad Mapping and geographic information system (GIS) software for mobile workers. ArcPad provides spatial database access, mapping, GIS, and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via handheld and mobile devices. ArcPad improves the collection and use of spatial data in the field.
  • Franson GpsGate Program to run multiple GPS applications at the same time using one single GPS. It can also be used to simulate a GPS and log/replay GPS data.
  • Port Splitter This FREE software program can be easily configured to share incoming data on one COM port between several applications.
  • VITO AstroNavigator A GPS application that displays the sky map above you using a single tap. It provides advanced search engine for star database and shows: all planets of Solar system; Sun and Moon; constellations; Names for all major stars; The database contains over 9000 stars down to 6.5 m.

GPS with Voice Guidance

  • CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 5 Navigation bundle with mapping SW and a choice of two GPS receivers:CF GPS, and Bluetooth GPS. It has a Download Wizard for easy download of the mapping and routing data to your Pocket PC. It gives you turn-by-turn voice directions and automatically recalculates your route if you go off course.
  • Destinator Locate your position on the accompanying 3D or 2D rotating map, get turn-by-turn directions. Recalculate the directions if you miss a turn; it directs you to nearby points of interest such as restaurants, gas stations, and ATMs. Australian version available.

Destinator Resources has information for using Destinator for Geocaching.

  • iGuidance GPS navigation for Pocket PCs AND laptops with turn-by-turn directions, voice prompts, detailed map display, and more. Also, dynamic rerouting and detour. Includes 3D, geo-features, full screen, weather report, multiple map color themes, etc. Uses Navteq digital maps. Europe & US Only.

  • Mapopolis A mapping application - you can purchase maps for the entire U.S. from the developer's Web site. Maps are available in four versions: Basic, Enhanced, Platinum, and Platinum+GPS. The dynamically generated maps support fifteen zoom levels with street labeling, map panning, rotation, and the ability to increase or decrease the level of detail. Maps can be searched for locating streets and landmarks.
  • MobileNavigator5 Door to door navigation covering 3 continents (35 countries) in 16 languages. Includes: easy and professional modes, CleverMap concept, seamless North American and European map, route planning with unlimited stopovers, Voice Command, signpost information, speedinfo, coast-to-coast navigation, voice guidance with more than 430 speech files, and 2D and 3D Views.
  • OnCourse Navigator 5 Door-to-door navigation covering 3 continents (37 countries). Easy and professional modes, CleverMap concept, seamless North American, European and Persian Gulf maps. Also available for Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Supports route planning with unlimited stopovers, voice command, Signpost information, SpeedInfo, coast-to-coast navigation, 2D & 3D views, and native support for VGA and QVGA.
  • Pharos Pocket PC Navigator This navigation software can do route computation with turn restriction. It can do GPS tracking with moving/rotating map. It can give driving directions with voice prompt. It also gives off-route warning with one touch re-route. This application shows detailed US street maps with a variety of points of interest.
  • PocketMap Navigator GPS software that provides routing information anywhere in the continental United States. It provides turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance and dynamic re-routing, and shows your location on a moving map. The next map is automatically loaded when you reach the edge of the previous map to provide seamless coverage.
  • Routis 2004 GPS navigation software that uses Navteq digital maps and provides turn-by-turn voice directions and other features. These include detailed map display, automatic re-routing, Point Of Interest (POI) and 3D map view.
  • Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld Mapping and GPS solution with street level data for the entire US, and primary and secondary roads for Canada. Users can create address-to-address routes directly on their handheld devices. Store maps on removable-media devices. Voice prompts available. Locate your address book contacts, plus 4 million points of interest, including restaurants, hotels, attractions, banks, schools and more.
  • TeleType GPS A mapping and data collection program for vehicle navigation and tracking. It can perform door-to-door routing and has visual and voice alerts. It includes U.S. street-level maps and allows storage and display of your own location points. Maps for Europe are available.
  • TomTom Mobile 5 3D and 2D map display GPS navigation software that routes and does turn-by-turn directions with text and voice alerts. The 3D angle-of-view can be adjusted to view the route ahead from different heights above the road. Compatibility with Pocket Outlook allows route planning directly from your Contacts. It also has a "night" mode to dim the display.