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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

The Geocaching Australia Gallery is for geocachers to post photos from their geocaching adventures. It is currently in the early stages of development, with lots more work planned to integrate the logins, customise the interface and possibly use it as the image hosting hub for people to link into their logs.

Todo list

  • Integrate logins (single signon)
  • Customise the interface - look and feel, user restrictions, emailing, comments, voting etc
  • Determine policy - what can be posted, how much, how big, how will it be organised (album per cache/cacher/???)
  • Integrate with Geocaching Australia logging

Done list

  • Install
  • Set up temporary all-access user (gcauser)

== Log Gallery -- As of (start date) Geocaching Australia have implemented an integrated gallery for geocachers to post their images for their logs.

To Add an item to a new log:

After entering your log, you will be presented with tthe option to return to the cache page or to 'Add/Edit Gallery items for this log'. Select the latter option and then Browse to the location of the image on your computer. Enter an appropriate Caption and Description of your Gallery Item then click on 'Save Image'. Your new item should be displayed below and by clicking ion the 'Add Another Image' you can add more images to the log.

To Add an item to an existing log:

Go to the appropriate caches page and next to any logs that have been created by you you should see a camera icon on the right, click this and follow the procedure above

To Delete an item

Go to the Image by selecting it from one of the gallery or image views and select Edit, you sould now see an option to delete this image. If you delete a log, all gallery items associated with it will automagically be deleted.

Viewing your items

You can view your gallery items by going to . From there you can see ALL your gallery items in reverse chronological order.

Viewing another cachers items

You can view another cachers gallery items by going to<cachername> . From there you can see ALL their gallery items in reverse chronological order. Note that at the moment this is CASE SENSITIVE.

Viewing all items for a particular cache

Go the the caches page and if there are GCA gallery items, you will see a 'View all gallery items for this cache' link below the cache description. Click that and ALL items for that cache will be shown.