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A high-tech cache

A geocache (sometimes known as a "cache") is what we are placing and hunting in Geocaching. It could be a box of stuff in the bush. Or perhaps a film canister in an urban environment. Or maybe a webcam on a beach! You'll only know if you try it!

The types of geocache are as follows:

  • Traditional cache - a hidden stash comprising at minimum a log book
  • Multi-cache - a set of waypoints leading to the final cache
  • Virtual cache - a cache with no cache container
  • Locationless cache - a cache with no location, find a cache that matches the cache description and use the co-ordinates of the find to make your log.
  • Moveable cache - find it, take it, hide it somewhere else
  • Beacon Cache - a Multi-cache that uses technological means to determine one or many subsequent waypoints
  • Event cache - a gathering of geocachers
  • Mega event cache - a gathering of more than 500 sttendee geocachers
  • Giga event cache - an especially rare event with regularly more than 5000 attendees
  • Webcam cache - take a picture, get a smiley
  • Mystery cache - a catch-all to cover other possible caches that don’t fit easily within the other cache types or where the hider doesn't want you to know!
  • Trigpoint - climb a mountain, take a picture, get a smiley
  • plus more... see the complete list of Cache types.

Each cache has a particular terrain and difficulty.

Physical caches are caches where there is a physical cache container with a log book to find at the end. They come in different sizes.

Other variations of geocache to be aware of are: