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This page lists the development ideas for Geocaching Australia. If you want something added to this list, please post your request in the forum.

For changes to the Wiki, see the Wiki Development List.


Where are we heading?

Work in Progress by your primary developers


  • Add new link under caches to "Log a Cache" with data entry box for the code or name with explanation and direct jump to the "/my/log/new" page.
  • Moveables caches to look at whether a "found and moved" icon can be made up where a found has co-ords.
  • Add state to to restrict caches to a stated state, even if it's inside the radius selected. i.e. Stops Tasmanian caches showing up in Victorian alerts. Trouble will occur for non-Australia cachers when their state won't be selectable. Want to try and keep the site as international as possible.
  • Add ability for "NOT=Tag" in My Query function so as to ignore things like cache race entrants.
  • Add functionality to alerts to stop alerts on moveables if already found. Should be able to make this user by user selection, but not cache by cache.
  • Add the ability to load a picture at the same time as you load a log.
  • Allow toolbox to handle this format 33° 51′ 59.36″ S, 151° 12′ 27.34″ E
  • Change "cachername - Logout" to separate links, one to cachers page and one to log out.
  • Add padding on either side of page content.
  • "I think the words Geocaching Australia need to stand out like dogs balls up there so you know where you are ALL THE TIME."


Migration to new server **SOON!!! YAY**

OAuth/Opencaching API integration to enable site to work with many more mobile applications

overall look and feel of the site/menus etc

Downloadable hotlists (csv, gpx etc) e.g :

Bulk/batch upload of logs - Have server notify you after it's all updated and processed.

Custom list of waypoints - Solved a few puzzles? Place em here so they come up on YOUR map - perhaps link to cache - viewable buy user only.

Possibly add a 'permission to display' to cache owners for external site listed caches allow to full listing details on GCA... Opt in only of course.

Add log limit to queries.


  • Auto-text in GCA logs to allow embedding of gallery items in a nice pretty way
  • Improve Tag and Gallery visualisation
  • Administrative Pages for Tags and Gallery, plus some stat generation
  • Upload of MP3 files for podcaches
  • Add a notification bar to the header to allow notification of save/edit/addition rather than a blank page with a 'return to what you were doing' link
  • Add a way to bulk tag caches (e.g powertrails)
  • Meetup Events to facilitate group caching (to plan best date and area/geocaches)

Fix Bugs/Basic Functionality

  • Get swaggies working (import, listing and logs)
  • Tag virtual caches


Better Search options, searching all items (logs/gallery/tags/cachers/caches etc etc as requested in obscene detail by the one known only as "The Ginger Loon")

Add API for Cache name search eg Android app (for authenticated users)

"Advanced" search options: (from search bar - not my query page)

  • Filter by cache type
  • Filter by cache owner
  • Filter by state

Additional functionality

  • GeoLists
  • Site map
  • Automatic winners' page for finders
  • When logging a cache, allow a non-published note to the owner (sends PM?)
  • HTML export from various cacher statistics pages (allow editing through FCK editor).
  • Generate a GPX file based on the caches visible from a Google Map page.
  • Change the icons on the logs to a drop down list to save space / make look consistent.
  • Allow cachers to add listing site prefixes to their ignore lists (like OX, OU, OK, GC, etc).

Bonus Sharing


  • Cacher specific galleries in new gallery system


  • Cache(r) half life, plot decline in find frequency
  • Cache(r) find frequency. Straight, and vs diff/terr
  • team v location: where different teams are putting their caches. colours represent teams
  • terrain v difficulty: correlated as most people don't understand the difference?
  • terrain v location: urban are are easy terrain, the ones away are harder?
  • difficulty v location: opposite to above
  • team cache style profiles: terrain v location, coloured blob represents team. colour gets brighter/blob larger as teams plant more caches of that style.
  • hit/miss ratio v terrain, difficulty
  • time to first find v location, time: hypothesis is that ttff is small in sydney but large further out. other hypothsis is that average ttff has decreased significantly over the past 12 months
  • team territorial analysis - thematic plot of where each team is usually active. for each team, assign (say) 5 points for a cache that they have laid, 2 points for a first find and 1 point for a normal find. then start shading areas based on the pointscore and see what you get. should be able to see odlid dave sitting down there in jannali, dogs up in hornsby, etc


  • Integrate GPSBabel to support zillions of formats
  • add more filters eg GCA only , cache-types