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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

The Geocaching Australia Forum is run by volunteers for the Geocaching Australia community. State forums are moderated by geocachers in the relevant state. Other forums are moderated by cachers with a particular interest in that area.

Our forum philosophy is to allow free and open communication without the thread-locking and overbearing moderation of the Groundspeak Forums.

The main guideline is "don't be a jerk". If posts are coming off in a jerkish manner, then moderation, in moderation, may take place.

We will also moderate topics where posts contain information that may be deemed illegal, in breach of copyright, libelous or generally unsuitable for a 13+ age group forum.

Sometimes the debate gets a bit heated. A cup of tea from an attractive teapot is a good way to calm down.

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