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(Issue 3 - July 2006)
(Issue 3 - July 2006)
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Download it here!: [http://idisk.mac.com/darren.osborne-Public/geocaching/GCAnewsIssue3.pdf Geocaching Australia Newsletter Issue #3 - July 2006]
'''Download it here!''' [http://idisk.mac.com/darren.osborne-Public/geocaching/GCAnewsIssue3.pdf Geocaching Australia Newsletter Issue #3 - July 2006]
==Issue 2 - March 2004==
==Issue 2 - March 2004==

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Keep in touch with all the characters and goings-on of Australian Geocaching with the Geocaching Australia Newsletter. Edited by EcoDave, it has articles written by geocachers around Australia!

Issue 3 - July 2006

Edited by Darren Osborne Spindoc Bob


  • Why are Caches reviewed?
  • A year in the life of GCA
  • Shutterspotting
  • The Geocoin phenomenon
  • Caches on the Newell
  • Team Booted Mystery Tour
  • Being a real-life travel bug
  • Team profiles
  • Crossword

Download it here! Geocaching Australia Newsletter Issue #3 - July 2006

Issue 2 - March 2004

Individually crafted by EcoDave! Filled to the brim with:

  • Player profiles: Charlie Brown, Leek and Maccamob!
  • Cache of the Year awards!
  • Cache events, with extra-special feature on Collossal Claustral Canyoning!
  • A Beginners' Guide to Caching
  • Product reviews: GSAK, Walkie Talkies, Glasses, GPSs and more!
  • and the world exclusive Ideology Geocaching interview!

It doesn't get much better than this!

Download it here!: http://alternatezone.com/ecoteam/files/GCAnewsIssue2.PDF

Issue 1 - August 2003

Edited by EcoDave Jam-packed with:

  • Player profiles: GeoMonkeys, Embi and EcoTeam!
  • Cache features: Obscured by Clouds, Play it Again Sam, Get Smart, Happily Ever After, Claustrophobia!
  • Leading edge stuff: Paperless caching!
  • Feel-good stories: Christmas children!
  • Product reviews: Nightstar torch!

Download it here!: http://alternatezone.com/ecoteam/files/GCAnewsIssue1.PDF