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Geocachers who are new to geocaching, future geocachers who are interested but don't know how to go about getting started or people who are interested in talking about geocaching can be easily confused by the amount of information out there and it's not always easy to get a simple understanding of geocaching.

Visitors to Geocaching Australia can search for their closest Geocaching Guru and make contact with them to help understand more of the fun of geocaching.

A Geocaching Guru is willing to:

  • Help people find out more about geocaching.
  • Help people understand how to go about finding and/or hiding caches as well as logging caches at and Geocaching Australia.
  • Get out in the field and let them see what's it's all about by letting them "follow the arrow", "do the circle dance" and "get down and dirty under a bridge".

Being a Geocaching Guru is a more than just an email or phone conversation. It's also about getting out there and getting all physical with them .

Anyone can be a Geocaching Guru as long as you have the willingness to help.

People can find their closest Geocacing Guru based on a postcode or suburb search at