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GeosportZ 2018
The GeosportZ 2018 game is a unique concept created by Geocaching Australia which allows players to score points while finding geocaches and meeting the specific requirements of the game. The game runs at the same time as another major sporting event held on the Gold Coast. It brings together the fun of geocaching while adding a unique challenge that gives players even more reason to go out and find geocaches.

Quick Start Links


The full set of rules can be found on the GeozportZ 2018 main page.


  • Choose the geocaches you log against your requirements carefully. You will not be able to remove logs so that you can claim a different requirement to alter your points.
  • The name of the game is discipline and strategy. You are seeking a combination of the most requirements claimed and the highest number of points without exceeding 1,000 points. You are not claiming the requirements first. It is not meant to be a race.
  • The games software will attempt to reject any claims that would put your score over the target points. It remains your accountability to ensure you do not exceed the target points.
  • The game tracking mechanism relies somewhat upon your honesty when logging your claims. The games administrators will undertake verification of each log. Players who continually log inaccurate information will be disqualified from the game.


The game runs from 1 April 2018 to 29 April 2018. Requirements will be released via the game page one day prior to the start of the game.


The challenges have been set out to enhance your caching experience

A handy printable version of the challenges is available (download here) including a column for you to write in the points you've accumulated.

Who can play?

The game is open to anyone registered on the Geocaching Australia website.


Points gained not only serve to see an individual player reach their goal, but they also help their dragonZone clan.