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Listing and Logging using HTML

Geocaching Australia Cache Listings and Logs use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the same stuff webpages are made of. To get your post to display properly, with line breaks, you will need to know one or two markup codes:

<br> will insert a line break. Like pressing "Enter" to go to a new line.
<p> will start a new paragraph. Like pressing "Enter" twice!

Now things get a little bit tricker:
<img src=http://yourimagelink> will insert a picture. Copy and paste the code into your log, then copy the link to your image and paste it over the "http://yourimagelink" part. Don't use an image bigger than 640x480, it's too wide and messes up the screen!

A couple of other codes:

How to put ROT 13 Hints into your Cache Listing:

Copy and paste the code below to the bottom of your Cache Listing. Convert your hint to ROT 13 using a ROT13 Translator and copy and paste it over "Your Hint Here".

<table width='100%'><tr>
<td valign='top'><p>Your Hint Here</td>
<td valign='top' align='right'><p><a href=''>ROT 13</a>: <font face='Courier'>ABCDEFGHIJKLM<br>NOPQRSTUVWXYZ</font></td>

Development Note:

Development is currently underway with regard to hints on cache pages. See

Geocaching_Australia_Development_List for details.