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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

History cache

A History cache is a sub type of Virtual cache that requires specific questions to be answered before you can make your find log. There is generally no physical container for a History cache.

Unlike Virtual caches which are listed on other listing sites, there is a mandatory question and answer section for a History cache where you must answer all of the question that the cache owner asks.

Questions are multiple choice with up to 4 answers to choose from and there will be a minimum of 1 question per History cache. The number of questions and the answers are determined by cache owner. If you make a mistake and select the wrong answer you will need to wait 120 seconds (2 minutes) for each incorrect answer before you can try again. i.e. If you answer 3 questions incorrectly you will need to wait 6 minutes to try again. This is to discourage people who try and brute force their way into logging without having visited the site. While it is possible to guess the answer the penalty of guessing is a wait between tries. The page will highlight which answers are correct and which are incorrect.

Questions should be based on what you can find at the location you are visiting and not general information about the area that could be obtained by an internet search. e.g. Instead of the question being "In what year did John Batman found the current site of central Melbourne?" (Answer: 1835), the question could be "How many screws hold the information plaque in place?" with a choice of answers 4, 6 or 8. You could also consider a question like "The plaque is screwed onto a rock; approximately how wide is the rock?" With a choice of answers like 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm. The answer to the question should be specific and not open to interpretation. i.e. It is either right or wrong. Subjective questions like "Of the 4 colours on the plaque; which is the prettiest?" or "Was Batman fair in his dealing with the aboriginals in securing the land?", unless the answer is provided at the location, should be avoided as they lead to confusion and frustration. Also consider that some geocachers are colour blind or deaf. Asking specific questions related to colour may disadvantage some geocachers from being able to answer. Be considerate when composing questions and make them simple and easy to understand and interpret. Not everyone has English as their first language. Make the questions clear and unambiguous. Consider limiting the number of questions to relevant information at the site. Avoid asking 20 questions simply because you can. The cache owner should be trying to both confirm the finder was at the site as well as offer some learning about the location. It's not a test or exam to be worried or endlessly frustrated about. In general one or two questions per location should be sufficient.

Answering all of the questions correctly will generate a Codeword specific to your Geocaching identity. The codeword cannot be shared between geocachers so if you are going to log a History cache with a child or other family member who has their own account, you or they will need to generate a codeword for their account before they can log their find.

A find log can only be made on a History cache when accompanied by a codeword. Once you have generated your codeword, when you open the log page, there will be a specific entry point for the codeword. The codeword should be cut and pasted to avoid frustration with mistyping characters or letters. The codeword is not case sensitive. testing is equal to TESTING. If your codeword is not correct your log will fail.

Hints, Tips and Tricks

History caches are not "set and forget". Information at locations can change or be removed or updated. As with any other geocache the cache owner should check the information in the questions and answers on a regular basis to ensure that the questions can still be answered.


A History cache should show up on your GPS as a Virtual cache.
The GA Cacher app should show a History cache up on your device as a Night Cache Cacheicon history.png

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