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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.
Geocaching Australia does NOT have an official geocaching app for iOS, Android, Blackberry or other mobile platform.

If you have such an application and it is faulty or you have a query, please contact the applications developer directly for help.

GCA does not provide technical support for these applications.

GCA recommends you do NOT download the app called 'Geocaching Australia' from the Apple app store as it uses old stale data and is also not very good. It is NOT published by this site nor this sites developers, nor has permission to use the 'Geocaching Australia' name.

iOS apps

Some apps used by GCA cachers are:

  • GeoCube - Allows you to load AND LOG your GCA finds.
  • GeoSphere - This is a third party app that allows you to load GCA caches.
  • Looking4Cache - Another third party app in which you can load GCA caches. Download the free app from the Apple App Store.
  • Cachly - Not fully integrated but can load GCA GPX files for searching, but you will need to log via the Geocaching Australia website.

Cachly Testimonial:

I use the Cachly app. I created a pocket query with the relevant caches I like in a 400km radius from home. The GPX file can then be downloaded and imported into Cachly. If you find GPX files aren’t working then try downloading and importing your queries as ZIP files. This should work. The reason for this depends on what versions of Cachly and iOS you’re running. Once imported into a list you can add GC caches to the same list then you’re good to go and your adventure starts. However logging GCA caches needs to be completed via the website. Also, if you subscribe to GCA emails you can be notified of new caches that you can then add to Cachly. It’s not a ‘live’ setup but so far it’s working well for me. Hope this helps a fellow iPhone geocacher.

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