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Contents of this Lexicon originally derived from Craigrat's Unofficial Geocaching Australia Lexicon and GeoLex by Prime Suspect.

See also the Glossary.


Abdicache: (Bear_Left) To voluntarily end a long run of cache finds with a DNF.


BetaTester: (langy)

  • That poor unfortunate fool (or group of fools) that go out and try to be FTF a new multicache that involve lots of tricky maths.

This usually involves contact with the hider, arguments, the exchange of photographic evidence and trundling out BEDMAS* (or its equivalent - BODMAS for those of us that learned it that way at school).

Blind Freddies: (Rabbitto)

  • Person who discovers that the arrow on the GPS is pointing 500m into the sea then wades straight out without first re-checking the co-ordinates or the clue which says "Under a Bush"

Blitzencaching: (geof)

  • See Maccamob or finding more than 5 caches a day.

Broken Arrow: (Rabbitto)

  • Novice cacher. They follow the arrow to within 10m of GZ then do the "broken arrow" dance as they try to find that elusive last few metres.

Usually amusing to Walking GPSers but only the first couple of times.

Bronzes Mother: (Mix)

  • Starts with Your Mother and never ends well.

Blank wall: (Postman Pat)

  • The looks from around the table that you get from the Muggles (relatives etc.) when you explain what you did today when you drove for an hour or two spent 20 minutes searching for a container wrote it the book in said container then did the same again if you are lucky claim 2 finds in a day.then drive Home


Cachemobbing: (caughtatwork)

  • (related to flashmobbing) where a number of cachers, independently of each other, all arrive at ground zero at the same time and from different directions, desperate to log the First to Find.

Cache Tunnel Vision: (murf78)

  • Convinicing myself I know exactly where a cache should be hidden, and exhausting every possible permutation and combination of that hide, while standing right next to (or on top of) the actual cache (usually hidden not-too-trickily)

Cache Rash: (Snuva)

  • The scrapes, cuts, bruises, rashes, etc obtained in the field, especially when one is following the GPSr rather than using brain.

Cachemobile: (Rabbitto)

  • Vehicles used to transport geocachers to cache sites.

Holds great status in geocaching circles.

Cachemobile Envy: (Rabbitto)

  • The knowledge that your Cachemobile is not as good as at least one other Geocachers.

Sure, you can get that abseil cache without getting out of the car but it's still not watertight to 50m like the "___"ers. Reference Point - any of the 50 or so threads dedicated to this topic. Cachemobile Satisfaction: (Rabbitto)

  • The knowledge that your Cachemobile is better than Rabbitto's Magna.

Cachism: (Bronze)

  • The spiritual basis or religion of caching, where you can choose to have your good or poor fortunes explained, and be presided over by one or many dieties.

You devise and preach your own philosophies to other cachers such as "A cache in the bush is worth..."; A man with one GPS knows where he is, A man with two is never quite sure (Mix)", "I was was not ment to be, we will find it when it's ready" and my favourite, "If a cache fills with water and no cacher was there to inspect it, did that cache really fill with water?". A typical indicator of a follower is when you say "I converted some muggles this weekend!"

Calamusolatry: (Bear_Left)

  • The worship of the arrow.

"The Arrow knows the way. Follow the Arrow. The Arrow is your friend."

Captian Cacheman: (Bronze)

  • A mythical Superhero how is called upon to get you out of the shit with the wife when you get home. For example you three hours from home, it's getting dark you return to the car to find it blocked in by an Astronomy group that is an hour back up the track and you also find 7 missed calls on you phone from the wife and two text messages- 1 saying "Arn't you forgetting something- Your daugher's supposed to be at her best friends B'day party (4.15pm)" and the second saying "Your dead! (4.19pm)".

You call on Captian Cacheman to reverse the direction of the Earth, hopefully not taking out any sats while he is at it too send the clock 5 hours backward so you can swap that latest find for you daughters and wifes unending love forever.

Cede and ye shall find: (Bear_Left)

  • The act of finding the cache just as you've decided to give up and go away, usually in a place that you've already searched thoroughly.

(Note: it's not possible to use this effect by just pretending to give up; the cache knows!)

Centa-cache Joy (CC Joy): (traineediplomat)

  • The thrill of arriving at your 100th cache...then realising that the maccamob has 1,440.

Cito Reboot: (Geof)

  • When your so one track minded you can't see the cache for looking. You then quit, do a bit of cito then find the cache straight off were you thought you looked before.

CNAFU: (Bronze)

  • Said with a silent C resulting in a 'Nafu' Cache (day) Normal - All F^#*ed Up!

Every possible error that can be made has been and after all that the cache was muggled!

crok(s): (caughtatwork)

  • Abbreviation of crow kilometers. As in, the cache is only .5 croks but it will a 2.5 kilometer walk to get to it.


Decoy Caching: (Rabbitto)

  • Method of finding a cache in a heavily populated area.

Instead of suspiciously and obviously sneaking around, a large cache bag of goodies is taken to the cache site and unloaded onto the floor. A very open act of looking for something lost within the things on the floor, cleverly disguises the cache hunt.



Freeway Exit: (Rabbitto)

  • The new path leading to a cache from the main track after around a dozen or so finds


  • un-short acronym for "First To Find After It Got Published And Everybody Else Had A Chance To Look At The Listing And Nobody Told You About GZ In Advance"


GeoCairn: (caughtatwork)

  • An unnatural pile of sticks or rocks, possibly under which the cache is placed. Sometimes placed with a deliberate intent to lead you astray.

GeoCringe: (Horus)

  • The inescapable feeling you get when you suddenly realise you are a grown male that has been skulking around the same bush for 20 minutes in a park with a playground*.
  • Can also be experienced in other areas, but is generally stronger in a park environment.

GeoInjury: (The S's)

  • Generally consisting of a sprained ankle from falling in a hole whilst walking and trying to read the GPS at the same time.

GeoRasher: (Snuva)

  • Someone who follows the arrow on their GPSr rather than using their brain to find a cache. This behaviour often results in a Cache Rash

GeoWanker: (Posspet Boys)

  • See Posspet Boys.

Geowife: (Mrs Mix)

  • Minder of children, car and Walkie Talkie. Navigator, laptop holder and sympathiser when a DNF occurs. Some species of Geowife play an important role in the find by actually getting out of the car and looking themselves.

GeoZumped: (Ideology)

  • When you've laid out your next fabulous brain-bending multi-cache adventure and return home to find that someone has just announced a cache right in the middle of yours!

Gigametre: (Rabbitto)

  • The distance Maccamob need to travel to get to the only 10 caches in Australia that they haven't yet found.

GMZ: (caughtatwork)

  • Ground Minus Zero. When the trail in front of you suddendly descends without warning and you go arse over tit because you were watching your GRSr and not the terrain.


Haystacking: (Unknown)

  • Making a hide (almost always a micro) difficult simply by placing it in a location where there are potentially many, many possible hiding places. There's nothing clever, nothing inventive, nothing interesting about it.

Hidden about spud height: (dvixen)

  • Spud being a local cacher who claims to be short. At a recent event I was having a great rant about not knowing how high was spud height while searching for a cache. Turns out I was standing right in front of him.

Helicopter Member: (CraigRat)

  • A new member to a site who posts across numerous forum topics (usually without reading older threads), asking for rule changes and suggestions to improve the sport with only 1 or 2 finds under their belts, usually causing quite a large ruckus. Often seen putting their hands up for all kinds of things, then usually vanish before hitting 50 finds. Helicopter reference refers to the visual image conjured up of a person running into a room, waving their arms around madly.


Infinity Factor: (Rabbitto)

  • The mathematical formula that comes into play just as soon as you think you have seen every possible place to hide a cache





Meanderthal: (Rabbitto)

  • A person who won't admit that the cache is on the other side of the river.

After parking the car, they follow the river for way too far in the freak chance that the river will meander back and put them on the correct side, causing caveman like behaviour from cachers family and friends who realised this 2km ago.

Mugglican Stand Off: (Rabbitto)

  • Two teams of geocachers arrive at a cache site from different directions at the same time.

They both start to pretend that they have no interest in being there in the hope that the other people will go away. Can last hours. An especially fun show for a third party who is aware of the big picture






Rankings: (Bronze)

  • Yellow Jar- finder of up to 10 caches.
  • Yellow Jar white lid- Fider up up to 20 caches.
  • Blue Jar- Finder of up to 50 caches.
  • Blue Jar white lid- Finder of up to 65 caches.
  • Red Jar- Finder of up to 85 caches.
  • Red Jar white lid- Finder of up to 80 caches.
  • Green Jar- Finder of 90-100 caches- Master Cacher!
  • 1st Can (Black Belt)- 101-200 caches found
  • 2nd Can (Black Belt 1 white tip)- 201-300 caches found and so on
  • 5th Can (Black belt 1 red tip)- 501-600 caches found and so on
  • (Grand Master)- 1000 caches found is a Green Belt!

Rustler: (Bear_Left)

  • A cache that's moving through the undergrowth, according to the GPSr arrow. Some people dismiss this as a result of the GPSr averaging the coords to a more accurate position, but that doesn't explain the subtle rustling sounds made by a cache container moving back into position, ready to be found.


Sunofa: (caughtatwork)

  • One of the GPS Gods who will occassionally smile down at you but is more likely to have their name used in vain as you approach GZ only to have one of the satellites disappear over the horizon leaving you with inadequate coverage.


The Lunch Box: (rav 4 raiders)

  • What muggles (generally our friends and family) have taken to calling the cache container situated at GZ!

Generally used in phrases like "Oi! Your lunch box thingy is over here under this tree!!"

The Merry Go Round: (caughtatwork)

  • Continually walking around a cache location, following the path, getting no closer than 200 meters to the cache and realising you are back where you started.

The Unworthy: (Rabbitto)

  • Anyone not the Maccamob (who even with the knowledge of the Gigametre factor, still managed to clock over 100 finds during October.

Toyed Up: (caughtatwork)

  • Having all of the necessary equipment packed and ready to go. Toys such as Laptop, GPSr, PDA, Camera, etc.

Usage: "Are we all Toyed Up? Cool, let's go".

Turkey Mound: (The Ginger Loon)

  • An obviously artificial pile of sticks and leaves that hides a cache container. Note: Usage of the term in a log might be construed as a spoiler.

U,V & W

Vertical Deception: (madcat)

  • When you jump out of the car to walk 100m to GZ, then realise there is a mountain 2km high to climb.

Walking GPS: (Rabbitto)

  • Experienced cacher. They have done so many caches that they can park the car 200m away, look at the GPSr, then walk over hills and around curvy paths, straight to the cache without the need to refer to the GPSr again.

Spoilsports to Broken Arrows

Witching: (Bronze)

  • When you suddenly change direction and the directional arrow has not updated. It may be pointing behind and yet you know you are getting close because the distance is still decreasing and you are moving towards to prior location.

This freakish behaviour is usually brief and I have found common when in forests or canyons. Poor signal usually causes it but I don't know if it is exclusive to Garmin.

  • When you download and map your track log and it show a mind snap that had occured along the way tracing a line anywhere from a few hundred meters out to kilometers over the horizon during a trip. I have had a top speed of ~1430km/h as a result

X,Y & Z

Youmutha: (caughtatwork)

  • Another of the GPS Gods whose name will be used when under heavy foliage cover that causes you to lose and gain satellites faster than a your body expelling last nights curry.