Listing a cache

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Reasons to list on Geocaching Australia

We hope you will list your cache on Geocaching Australia. The reasons for you to do so are:

  • It's free: you aren't forcing people to pay US$30 per annum to be able to download a GPX file containing your cache
  • We don't have strict guidelines like
  • We don't censor the forums like
  • GPX files contain all the logs, not just the last four
  • You can see who is watching your cache
  • We take it as your thank-you for the time, effort and cost we put in to running Geocaching Australia!

We prefer that you don't list your cache on multiple cache listing websites. The reason is that then there is no place online where people can see the entire history of that cache, and it confuses people who start trying to log your cache on both sites.

How to list your caches