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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[Cache type]]
* [[Cache type]]s

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That’s the Trig – a popular locationless cache .

A Locationless cache is a cache where the hider has found something interesting and sets a challenge to other geocachers to find more of the same item. The items could be

  • Trig points
  • Unique letterboxes
  • Dams of the world

Most locationless caches can only have the same location logged once.


Locationless caches are welcome on Geocaching Australia. Geocaching.com does not accept these caches for listing.

Additional Support

A handy list of the Geocaching.com locationless caches that were approved before the blanket ban can be found in this useful organiser.

The Locationless Proximity Analyser can help indicate used positions for Locationless caches.


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