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[[Image:Swaggie.jpg|thumb|right|150px|A Swaggie by Mix.]]
[[Image:Swaggie.jpg|thumb|right|150px|A Swaggie by Mix.]]
Logging a [[swaggie]] on [[Geocaching Australia]] is a bit clunky at the moment, but we are working on improving it on the beta site.
Swaggies are no longer supported by Geocaching Australia
==Grabbing a swaggie==
* Log in to [[Geocaching Australia]].  The best way to do this is tick the "log me in automatically" box so that you are logged in any time you are viewing the forum.
* Go to the page of the [[geocache]] that contained the [[swaggie]] you have collected
* Click on the [[swaggie]]
* Click on "Grab this Swaggie"
* If it says that you are not signed in or don't have a [[cacher name]], then follow [[cacher name|these instructions]] to get a cacher name
* Fill in the details of your find (date, log, etc) and press "Grab"
==Dropping a swaggie (Australian/NZ caches)==
* Log in to [[Geocaching Australia]]. 
* Go to the listing for the cache you have dropped the swaggie in (type that caches waypoint code into the Search box)
* Click on the link on the cache page in the Actions that says 'Drop a swaggie'
* Fill in the details of your drop (date, log, etc) and select the correct swaggie from the 'Swaggie' box and press "Drop"

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A Swaggie by Mix.

Swaggies are no longer supported by Geocaching Australia