Logging a swaggie

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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.
A Swaggie by Mix.

Logging a swaggie on Geocaching Australia is a bit clunky at the moment, but we are working on improving it on the beta site.

Grabbing a swaggie

  • Log in to Geocaching Australia. The best way to do this is tick the "log me in automatically" box so that you are logged in any time you are viewing the forum.
  • Go to the page of the geocache that contained the swaggie you have collected
  • Click on the swaggie
  • Click on "Grab this Swaggie"
  • If it says that you are not signed in or don't have a cacher name, then follow these instructions to get a cacher name
  • Fill in the details of your find (date, log, etc) and press "Grab"

this will place the swaggie in your inventory (you MUST grab a swaggie and have it in your inventory before you can drop it in to a cache)

Dropping a swaggie (Australian/NZ caches)

  • Log in to Geocaching Australia.
  • Go to the listing for the cache you have dropped the swaggie in (type that caches waypoint code into the Search box)
  • Click on the link on the cache page in the Actions that says 'Drop a swaggie'
  • Fill in the details of your drop (date, log, etc) and select the correct swaggie from the 'Swaggie' box and press "Drop"