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Having a map used to be regarded as cheating, because part of the fun used to be trying to guess which side of a major river or other obstacle the cache was on. Nowdays, there's plenty of maps, roughly divided into Muggle maps and Geocaching maps.

  • Muggle maps are designed for normal navigation and thus don't have caches marked on them. However, you can pan and zoom then to a specific location to find an individual cache.
  • Geocaching maps have caches marked on them, so you can see where one cache is in relation to another.

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, geocaching maps often don't have the detail that is available on normal maps.

Maps are available online or offline (in mapping software.) To our knowledge, the only online geocaching map of Australia are the Geocaching Australia Maps. It's not super detailed, so we'd love to improve it. Alternatively, you can make your own offline geocaching map on your computer using software like Ozi Explorer or GPSMapEdit.

Useful Maps