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Please add whatever you find!
Please add whatever you find!
If you are from the media, check out our [[media kit]].
If you are from the media, check out our [[media kit]].
===July 2011: "Everybody's going out a'hunting" ===
Article in The Weekend West on July 2nd 2011 by Andrea Mayes featuring Miles Burke and kids
[[http://bearleft.mackereth.net/images/The_West_2JUL11-p1.jpg Page 1]]
[[http://bearleft.mackereth.net/images/The_West_2JUL11-p2.jpg Page 2]]
===May 2011: "Chase the Cache" ===
===May 2011: "Chase the Cache" ===

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Geocaching often hits the media and we even produce some ‘media’ of our own.

To see what the geocaching community has made have a look at Community Media

Here's mainstream media that we know about. Please add whatever you find! If you are from the media, check out our media kit.

July 2011: "Everybody's going out a'hunting"

Article in The Weekend West on July 2nd 2011 by Andrea Mayes featuring Miles Burke and kids

[Page 1] [Page 2]

May 2011: "Chase the Cache"


Some have said Chase the Cache may be the coolest treasure hunt since Captain Jack Sparrow was around. Others have said it could be larger than The Amazing Race. All we know is that you better have your shoelaces tied tight because Chase the Cache will be an event not to be missed.

Chase the Cache is a charity event created by Big Brothers Big Sisters. In this hi-tech treasure hunt teams will locate caches hidden around Docklands. Sign up your team for a fantastic day and show your support for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Geocaching Australia is a technology partner and supporter of Chase the Cache.

[Photostream ] [YouTube]

December 2010: "There but by the grace of the pods"

Green Guide Dec 2010 thumb.jpg

Article in Victoria's 'The Age, Green Guide', written by Mahesh Sharma, featuring Darren Osbourne "Spindoc Bob" talking about his Geotalk Podcast [Article]

April 2010: "Play with me"

SundayAge April 2010.jpg
SundayAge2 April 2010.jpg

Article in Victoria's Sunday Age M section, written by James Smith and Clem Basto, featuring Rabbitto and Biggles Bear

Part 1 [Article] Part 2[Article]

And a nice audio piece with transcript from ABC Newcastle aired on 9th April, mentions of the mega event as well.

9th April [Have gadgets, will hunt]

with a nice follow up looking at promoting tourism.

21st April [Geocaching tourism potential]

August 2009: "Searching for treasure"

Article in Victoria's The Age Livewire Section column, written by David Adams, featuring caughtatwork.

Part 1 [Article] Part 2[Article]

July 2008: "Calling all geeks"

Article in Tasmania's The Sunday Tasmanian's 'Bush' column, written by John Cannon.


June 2008: "Club Stages Ultimate Treasure Hunt"

Article in NW Tasmania's The Advocate, with colour photo taken at "The First Ever Traditional Annual NW Tas BBQ" Event.


April 2008: "High Tech City Treasure Hunt"

Follow up article on the recent Melbourne City Circle Scavenger Hunt in Techspace magazine (technology classifieds mag).


April 2008: "Geocaching in Canberra Win TV News"

short Win TV feature on Geocaching in Canberra. Featuring Tankengine and Tealby

[YouTube Video]

March 2008: "Canberrans hunt for exercise" - Canberra Chronicle

Great one page article, describing the fun and exercise that can be had from Geocaching. Featuring J!/\/\/\'/ and a friend with readers directed to Geocaching Australia for more information!


17 February 2008: "Thrill of the chase" - Sunday Telegraph

Great one page article, describing the thrill of the hunt from the reporters point of view with readers directed to Geocaching Australia for more information!


6 February 2008: "Warm Warmer... found it!" - Go Magazine

Great one page article, with readers directed to Geocaching Australia for more information!


29 November - 5 December 2007: "Cache me if you can" - Coffs Harbour Independent

Article from the local rag there, mentioning real names of people I don't know. Apologies for the tears, it was given to me by someone who had torn it out of the paper!


27-28 October 2007: "Hi-tech Hide and Seek" - Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin

zactyl and Cannibal Smurf get interviewed about Geocaching.


22 June 2007: "New-age Treasure Hunt" - The Weekender

d.d.dudes interviewed for article in The Weekender, Sunshine Coast.


April 2007: ABC Goulburn Murray audio interview (MP3 4Mb)

Interview aired on ABC featuring audio from a cache hunt with Rhinogeo.

[Audio Interview MP3 4Mb]

March 2007: Geoaching in Australia - A Great Scouting Activity

Issue 2 2007 Scout About


26 August 2006: Scouring the planet for hidden gems

The Adelaide Advertiser


22 July 2006: Geocaching

The "Good Weekend" supplement in the Sydney Morning Herald


1 April 2006: Hide and seek in an electronic world

General article in the "Weekend" pull-out section of The West Australian newspaper.


9 February 2006: GPS treasure hunt

Informative item on New Zealand TV, featuring several prominent NZ cachers.


11 January 2006: Unique treasure hunt becoming more popular

Positive article in Clare Valley Newspaper (SA), "The Northern Argue".


10 June 2005: What On Earth Is Geocaching

Broadcast on ABC Western Plains Radio

  • This is all you need to go geocaching...a GPS device to tell you where to go
  • Well...we think it's a sport, or at the very least a hobby.
  • It involves the planting of an item in a specific location...known as a cache.
  • The localtion is published on the internet and people have to find it using GPS technology.
  • It's really just a huge game of hide and seek.
  • Once you find the cache you fill in the log book to say you were there and swap trinkets.
  • There are over 1300 geocaching teams in Australia and it's played in over 200 countries.
  • Dubbo will be hosting a huge geocaching event this weekend with twenty teams taking part.
  • The trick, I'm told it to find a picturesque location so that geocachers get something extra from the experience.

Forum discussion: The Bronze on ABC Radio

Audio stream, in RealMedia format, requires RealPlayer.

28 May 2005: Active Geocaching

Spectrum (SMH), 28 May 2005

Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum Magazine (pg 32).

Mind Socket took a couple of buddies geocaching for an introductory article that was published with one of his photos. Contains a minor cache spoiler (cache not named).

22 May 2005: The Treasure that's Hidden in Lost Places

The same article reprinted in the Sunday Tasmanian

8 May 2005: The Treasure that's Hidden in Lost Places

Sunday Telegraph, 8 May 2005

Published in The Sunday Telegraph This is a reprint of the previous article for NSW readers. Includes photos of Mind Socket, EcoNic and EcoDave.

5 May 2005: Richary's interview on 891 ABC Adelaide breakfast

Forum discussion Richary on ABC Radio

The 6 minute interview - 700k MP3 file

1 May 2005: Global game of Hide and Seek

Adelaide Sunday Mail, 1 May 2005

Published in The Adelaide Sunday Mail and online at Escape.

HUNTING for hidden treasure, David Jones found himself abseiling into a narrow Blue Mountains gorge, past moss-covered rocks and ferns to the trickling stream far below.
They are everywhere - in fact you may have walked right past one. Dozens of caches are tucked away around the world. To get started all you need is a hand-held GPS (ranging from $200 to more than $1000) and access to the Internet. On geocaching websites you'll find the longitude and latitude and, in many cases, cryptic clues as to their location. And then there's the backpack of must-haves: torch, compass, first-aid kit, a camera for recording the event and a calculator (many of the puzzles have a mathematical bent).
There are three rules to caching:
  • take something from the cache
  • replace it with something of similar value, and
  • write about your visit in the container's log book.
Suggested websites:

Forum discussions: Article in "Escape" and Adelaide Sunday Mail Article on Geocaching 01-05-2005

19 February 2005: Adult Hide and Seek Catches On

Illawarra Mercury, 19 February 2005

Published in the Illawarra Mercury and a few days later in MX:

An increasingly popular game of grown-up hide-and-seek is leading adventurers on high-tech hunts for hidden treasure.
It's called geocaching, and all you need to play is a portable Global Positioning System, access to the internet and a sense of adventure.

Forum discussion: Geocaching Article and MX article on geocaching

14 December 2004: The Australian

Forum Discussion: geocaching.com.au in The Australian

November 2003: Dubbo City News


8 July 2003: Canberra Chronicle

An accidental find by a Canberra resident, unviels Geocaching to at least one current cacher. Cache-chasing creates excitement in Canberra

18 November 2001: ABC Radio National

On 21st October, 2001 Team Chaos members Captain Chaos and The Ginger Loon were interviewed by Chris Bullock from ABC Radio station Radio National. The topic was Geocaching and GPS usage. The information gathered was broadcast as a part Radio National's "Background Briefing" program focusing on GPS, which went to air on Sunday 18th November at 9:00am and was repeated on Tuesday 20th November at 7:00pm.

August 2001: Geocaching: You Become the Search Engine

Published in Silicon Chip, August 2001. A very comprehensive article with a photo of Ideology

Silicon Chip, August 2001 Silicon Chip, August 2001 Silicon Chip, August 2001 Silicon Chip, August 2001 Silicon Chip, August 2001 Silicon Chip, August 2001