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Geocaching often hits the media. Here's what we know about. Please add whatever you find!

10 June 2005: Bronze on ABC Radio

ABC Western Plains: What on Earth is Geocaching?

  • This is all you need to go geocaching...a GPS device to tell you where to go
  • Well...we think it's a sport, or at the very least a hobby.
  • It involves the planting of an item in a specific location...known as a cache.
  • The localtion is published on the internet and people have to find it using GPS technology.
  • It's really just a huge game of hide and seek.
  • Once you find the cache you fill in the log book to say you were there and swap trinkets.
  • There are over 1300 geocaching teams in Australia and it's played in over 200 countries.
  • Dubbo will be hosting a huge geocaching event this weekend with twenty teams taking part.
  • The trick, I'm told it to find a picturesque location so that geocachers get something extra from the experience.

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1 May 2005: Global game of Hide and Seek

HUNTING for hidden treasure, David Jones found himself abseiling into a narrow Blue Mountains gorge, past moss-covered rocks and ferns to the trickling stream far below.

They are everywhere - in fact you may have walked right past one. Dozens of caches are tucked away around the world. To get started all you need is a hand-held GPS (ranging from $200 to more than $1000) and access to the Internet. On geocaching websites you'll find the longitude and latitude and, in many cases, cryptic clues as to their location. And then there's the backpack of must-haves: torch, compass, first-aid kit, a camera for recording the event and a calculator (many of the puzzles have a mathematical bent). There are three rules to caching:

  • take something from the cache
  • replace it with something of similar value, and
  • write about your visit in the container's log book.

Suggested websites:


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1 May 2005: Adelaide Sunday Mail

19 February 2005: Illawarra Mercury

Illawarra mercury adult hide and seek.jpg

14 December 2004: The Australian

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