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[http://geocaching.com.au Geocaching Australia] welcomes all caches.
[http://geocaching.com.au Geocaching Australia] welcomes all caches.
[[Geocaching.com]] no longer accepts [[moveable cache|moveables]], however there are some [[grandfather]]ed moveables on their system.
[[Geocaching.com]] no longer accepts [[moveable cache|moveables]]. However, there are some [[grandfather]]ed moveables on their system.
==Logging a Moveable Cache==
==Logging a Moveable Cache==

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A moveable cache: On The Run

Moveable caches are caches that are moved by geocachers. When the cache is found, the finder takes the complete cache to a new location, hides it and updates the coordinates on the website.

Moveable caches can be extremely innovative. There are a number of moveable caches that are used to play a giant game of Battleships!


Geocaching Australia welcomes all caches. Geocaching.com no longer accepts moveables. However, there are some grandfathered moveables on their system.

Logging a Moveable Cache

As moveable caches can be quite creative, please check the cache page for special logging requirements. With a normal moveable cache, follow these steps to log your find and move.

First Step: Log your find with a 'Found' log (this will give you your smiley!)

Second Step: When you have moved the cache to its new location, log a NEW 'Moved' log, adding the new co-ordinates and even a hint in the hint box if you wish. The hints box will update the main hint for the cache so that it will update in GSAK and the like.


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