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==What is a Swaggie?==
==What is a Swaggie?==
[[Image:Swaggie.jpg|thumb|right|150px|A Swaggie by Mix]]
[[Image:Swaggie.jpg|thumb|right|150px|A Swaggie by Mix]]
A [[Swaggie]] is a trackable [[Hitch hiker]] that can be placed in a [[geocache]].
A [[Swaggie]] were a trackable [[Hitch hiker]] that could be placed in a [[geocache]].
It has a name and a nickname.
It had a name and a nickname.
You think up the name and [[Geocaching Australia]] will supply the nickname in the form of a SWxxxx code.
==How do I log a Swaggie?==
Please see our instructions on [[logging a swaggie]].
==Can it travel overseas?==
Yes, there is no restriction regarding caches it can go into, e.g. it can go in caches listed on [[geocaching.com]].  As long as the [[Swaggie]] is logged on [[Geocaching Australia]] it can be tracked.
==How much do they cost and how do I get one?==
[[Swaggie]]s are free.
There is no requirement to purchase 'dog tags'.
When you list a [[swaggie]] you will be prompted for a name and password. The password is used by the finder to verify they have the [[swaggie]].
You need to include the password with the [[swaggie note]].
A potential [[swaggie note]] has been drafted for your use.
==How do I add a Swaggie and release it?==
Click the 'My' tab on the header to show the 'My Account' page, At the bottom left, under 'My Swaggies', click 'Add New Swaggie'. Chose a name for your swaggie and type it in, fill out the description with the tasks you want to set for the Swaggie and type in the password you want used when the swaggie is logged.
The password is similar to the number engraved on a Groundspeak TB and is entered by the finder when the Swaggie is logged. Once you have saved the page the swaggie will appear on your account page. You can edit the swaggie from that page.
To release the Swaggie, select the cache from the listing and then 'Drop a swaggie in this cache' from the log option.
Here is a potential [[swaggie note]] you may wish to distribute with your [[swaggie]].
Swaggies are no longer supported by Geocaching Australia.
==See Also==
==See Also==

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What is a Swaggie?

A Swaggie by Mix

A Swaggie were a trackable Hitch hiker that could be placed in a geocache. It had a name and a nickname.

Swaggies are no longer supported by Geocaching Australia.

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