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In the Pro's section for GC, the statement "You're supporting the building of consistency, rules and guidelines within geocaching." is false and possibly should be changed, but I don't know to what. The rules as they stand are ONLY dictated by groundspeak without much community input, and by listing a cache there you are not "building consistency, rules or guidlines", merely acquiescing to groundspeaks polcies and guidelines.

I think the application of rules as GC do it (whether or not I agree with the particular rules) is a 'pro' that is offered by them & is in direct contrast to the GCA free-for-all (which also has positives). I thought it only fair that if GCA 'pros' include mention of developing a 'free and open caching system' then the contrasting position should be mentioned as a 'pro' for GC.


Ok, I see where you are coming at with it... I was looking at it from the context of "by using gc you will have some input into the rules" angle..thank for the clarification (CraigRat)