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Voluntary Remote Maintainers

This is a group of cachers who have decided that they will assist you in maintaining one of your Geocaching Australia caches.

On the http://www.geocaching.com website if you have special circumstances, please describe these on your cache page or in a note to the reviewer. For example, if you have made arrangements with a local geocacher to watch over your distant cache for you, that geocacher’s name should be mentioned on your cache page. While there is no guarantee that you cache will be approved for listing, you stand a much better chance. If in doubt, arrange for Remote Maintanence and then contact your local reviewer to see whether it would be approved.

There is no similar requirement for Geocaching Australia cache listings. It is probably better that your arrange for Remote Maintenance anyway, before you hide the cache.

It is requested that you arrange for remote maintenance of your cache prior to you placing it. Contact one of the members below in advance of your trip and see whether the area that you are intending to place your cache will be OK for them to get to.

If are so inclined, please add your Geocaching Australia name to this every growing list and indicate the area that you will be happy to assist in. If you could keep to the format of Area - Cacher Name this will enable people to look down the list alphabetically. Please try and keep the area in alphabetical order for ease of use.

To contact the individual, click on their name and a new page will open with their Geocaching Australia details. Look to the right and in the column, there should be a way to contact the cacher through the Geocaching Australia website or forum.

Please note: If your Geocaching Australia caching name has special characters, then you will need to use the appropriate escape sequences. It's probably easier to copy and paste your cacher name from your cache page when setting up a link below.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


Brisbane Geocachers, The Garner Family

South Australia

  • North of Adelaide, Barossa Valley Cached


Western Australia


NZ: North Island

NZ: South Island