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This page is used to keep a todo list of changes/additions etc that are required to the wiki content. On a broader scale, there is also the Geocaching Australia Development List

Any user is welcome to make additions/corrections to this list.

Any user is also welcome to action any of the items on the list. Please move completed items to "Completed Items".

The List

  • faq: the FAQ currently on the wiki is just a pointer to the old faq. cached, is it possible to fix this up? (interestingly, the FAQ is not a very popularly viewed page! )
  • Hiding a cache is now linked from the hide page of gca. We probably need to be clear about which bits of information apply to gca and which apply to gc and other sites
  • Deletion or merging of almost duplicate pages. eg. Virtual cache and Virtual Cache (let's try to use the wikipedia naming conventions - i!)
  • i! has added "All pages" to the navigation menu which probably means we don't need the glossary and lexicon any more. Your thoughts? (on discussion page)
  • Mapping Software needs some serious work and to remove duplication across other parts of the wiki.

Requested Pages

In Progress


Completed items will be deleted from this list a few weeks after completion.

  • RSS feeds - 5 W's
  • GPS Accuracy stuff - Looks like this is OK so I'll deem it complete.
  • Logos - Looks like this is OK so I'll deem it complete.