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There are many different types of caches and Geocaching Australia offers a few types that are not found on other listing sites. Some types can be listed on GC ( as well as GCA (Geocaching Australia), some on only one site. Please note that where has grandfathered some types (meaning that new caches of that type are no longer allowed) the original listings still remain.

Cache Type Map Marker Icon Geocaching Australia Summary
Augmented Reality Markericon augmentedreality.png Cacheicon augmentedreality.png alt:X uses Augmented Reality apps and experiences to help you to find the geocache
Beacon Cache Markericon Beacon.png Cacheicon beacon.png alt:X A Multi-cache that uses technological means to determine one or many subsequent waypoints
Burke_and_wills Markericon Bandw.PNG Cacheicon bandw.png alt:X A special cache series marking the 150th anniversary of the ill fated Burke and Wills Expedition
Challenge cache Gmapmarker ch gca.png Icon geocachechallenge.png alt:X A Challenge Cache requires other geocachers to achieve a goal or challenge set by the geocache owner and then when qualified, to find the physical geocache hidden by the cache owner.
CITO cache Markericon CITO.png Cacheicon cito.png alt:X A special type of event with Cache In Trash Out intentions (use Event on Geocaching Australia)
Earthcache Markericon Earthcache.PNG Cacheicon earthcache.png alt:X View a unique geoscience feature on-the-ground (use Virtual on Geocaching Australia)
Ephemeral cache Markericon ephemeral.png Cacheicon ephemeral.png alt:X Short term (1-7 day) geocaches with a codeword to log and auto locking and archiving post expiration.
Event cache Markericon event.PNG Cacheicon event.png alt:X alt:X A gathering of geocachers
Gadget cache Markericon Gadget.png Cacheicon Gadget.png alt:X A Gadget cache is a sub type of Mystery_cache that requires manipulation of a gadget at Ground Zero to access the log book.
GeoArt Markericon Geoart.png Cacheicon Geoart.png X GeoArt is a form of art work created on the surface of the Earth using geocache locations to outline or create the art works.
Geocacher Markericon Geocacher.png Cacheicon Geocacher.png alt:X Find geocachers who are themselves locationless geocaches
Giga event cache Markericon event.PNG Cacheicon event.png alt:X alt:X An especially rare event with regularly more than 5000 attendees
GPS Adventures Exhibit Markericon Gpsae.png Cacheicon Gpsae.png X
History cache Markericon History.png Cacheicon History.png alt:X A cache with no cache container but mandatory historical questions and answers to get a codeword to log
Jigsaw cache Markericon Jigsaw.png Cacheicon Jigsaw.png X A Jigsaw cache is a cache where the hider has created an online jigsaw puzzle and asks the community to use the jigsaw website to solve the puzzle and obtain a codeword in order to log it.
Letterbox cache Markericon Letterbox.PNG Cacheicon letterbox.png alt:X Hybrid with letterboxing
Locationless cache Markericon Locationless.png Cacheicon locationless.png alt:X A Locationless cache is a cache where the hider has found something interesting and sets a challenge to other geocachers to find more of the same item
Mega event Markericon Megaevent.png Cacheicon Megaevent.png alt:X alt:X A gathering of more than 500 attendee geocachers
Moveable cache Markericon Moveable.png Cacheicon moveable.png alt:X Find it, take it, hide it somewhere else
Multi-cache Markericon Multi.png Cacheicon multi.png X X A set of waypoints leading to the final cache
Mystery/Unknown cache/Other Markericon mystery.png Cacheicon mystery.png alt:X alt:X A catch-all to cover other possible caches
Night cache Markericon Night.png Cacheicon nightcache.png alt:X A subtype of a multi-cache which can only be achieved after dark
Podcache Markericon Podcache.png Cacheicon podcache.png alt:X A multi-cache where the directions are provided in audio
Project APE Markericon Ape.png Cacheicon ape.png X
Reverse cache Markericon Reverse.png Cacheicon Reverse.png X A Reverse cache is a type of geocache where a finder is guided to a specified location or target location. i.e. The box will help you to arrive at a specific location. At the location, either a log book is revealed to be signed (for example, a box can be opened) or a logging requirement (such as a description of the location or code) is made known to the finder.
Traditional cache Markericon Traditional.png Cacheicon traditional.png X X A hidden stash comprising at minimum a log book
Trigpoint Markericon Trigpoint.PNG Cacheicon trig.png alt:X Climb a mountain, take a picture, get a smiley
Virtual cache Markericon Virtual.PNG Cacheicon virtual.png alt:X alt:X A cache with no cache container (grandfathered on GC)
Webcam cache Markericon Webcam.PNG Cacheicon webcam.png alt:X Take a picture to log (grandfathered on GC)
WherIGo Markericon wherigo.png Cacheicon wherigo.png X

Other cache listing websites may support other types.


Other icons you may find on the Geocaching Australia map:

Owned Markericon Owned.png
Found Markericon Found.png
DNF - Did Not Find Markericon dnf.png
Unavailable/Archived Markericon Unavailable.PNG Markericon Archived.PNG