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There are a number of mapping packages available for a number of platforms. A number of th packages now include at least basic GPS functionality, if not more advanced functions. Moving map functionality is also becoming more common, especially in PDA software. For more details on software designed specifically for managing waypoints, tracks and routes, see Waypoint management software for more information.


Many mapping software packages come with maps - although it pays to check before purchasing. Other packages allow you to purchase additional maps, and some allow you to use free maps and/or georeference your own images.

Most will allow you to connect the GPS and see your location in real time.

Another option is to use a Mapping GPS.


Windows Platform

Pocket PC Platform

New Zealand

Windows Platform

  • TUMONZ - The Ultimate Map Of New Zealand, vector-based mapping software. Now available live online
  • MapToaster - scanned topographic maps and aerial photogrpahy software of New Zealand
  • NZMapped - Another scanned topo software package, although it doesn't appear to be as actively updated as MapToaster
  • MapTrax New Zealand - Scanned raster topographical maps of New Zealand

Pocket PC Platform

  • PocketWAW - Pocket PDA mapping and GPS software for New Zealand

Web-based Mapping

  • TUMONZ Live - NZ's quickest online vector map, Search for streets, View Property Boundaries
  • NZ TopoOnline - Web access to the current Land Information New Zealand vector database
  • MultiMap New Zealand - New Zealand web based mapping by Multimap
  • WhereAreWe - Same dataset as PocketWAW for PDA's
  • Wises - No lat/long, but decent roading maps and searches
  • NZ Govt Mapping Services - link to a more detailed list on NZ Web Mapping services


Windows Platform

OS X Platform

Pocket PC Platform

Palm Platform