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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

About the Album

As of 25 September 2018 Geocaching Australia has implemented an audio album for geocachers to upload small mp3 files for their PodCaches.

To Add an item to a cache:

After creating your cache page return to the cache page.

  • Click "Add audio items for this cache" in the Album section towards the bottom of the page
  • Click "Choose file" and select the file from your computer
  • Add a caption and description
  • Click Save Audio
  • Go back to your cache page
  • Edit the Cache
  • Scroll to the bottom of your cache listing.
    • You will see a list of all of the album items for this cache
    • Click in the box containing the name of the audio file and the text will be automatically highlighted.
    • Click CTRL-C together to copy the text.
  • Scroll up to your cache description.
  • Place the cursor where you would like to insert the link
  • Paste the text you just copied

To Delete an item

Go to the album by going to your "My Album" page Click on the "edit" link under the name of the audio file You sould now see an option to delete this file You will be asked to confirm that the file is to be deleted

Viewing your items

You can view your gallery items by going to From there you can see ALL your audio items in geocache then description order You will also see all of your available PodCaches where you can click to go to that album specifically

Viewing another cachers album

You cannot view another geocacher album


Q: Can I upload items for non GCA caches?

A: No. GCA does not have sufficient bandwidth to provide file storage for geocaches that than those listed at Geocaching Australia

Q: Who holds the copyright for my audio files uploaded here?

A: You do! But beware you are also liable for any copywrite violations in terms of unauthorised music.

Q: I have found a bug, who do I contact?

A: Only one? Leave a post in the forums in the 'Geocaching Australia Website' area

Q: What is the size limit on the file I can load?

A: We restrict the files to 1MB which makes them too small to upload music files, but large enough for a reasonable voice recording at the appropriate bit rate.

Q: How many files can I load to my Podcache?

A: We restrict you to 5 files per Podcache listing to minimise bandwidth use and to avoid us being used a file storage site.

Q: Can I spread my files around other cache listings?

A: No. Audio uploads are resticted to Podcaches only.

Q: So how much audio can I actually load against a Podcache then?

A: MP3 File Size Calculations Formula: Kbps = bits per second / 8 = Bytes per second x 60 seconds = Bytes per minute x 60 minutes = Bytes per hour

Bitrate File size per second File size per minute File size per hour
8 Kbps 1 KB 60 KB 3.6 MB
16 Kbps 2 KB 120 KB 7.2 MB
32 Kbps 4 KB 240 KB 14.4 MB
40 Kbps 5 KB 300 KB 18.0 MB
48 Kbps 6 KB 360 KB 21.6 MB
56 Kbps 7 KB 420 KB 25.2 MB
64 Kbps 8 KB 480 KB 28.8 MB
80 Kbps 10 KB 600 KB 36.0 MB
96 Kbps 12 KB 720 KB 43.2 MB
112 Kbps 14 KB 840 KB 50.4 MB
128 Kbps 16 KB 960 KB 57.6 MB
160 Kbps 20 KB 1.20 MB 72.0 MB
192 Kbps 24 KB 1.44 MB 86.4 MB
224 Kbps 28 KB 1.68 MB 100.8 MB
256 Kbps 32 KB 1.92 MB 115.2 MB
320 Kbps 40 KB 2.40 MB 144.0 MB