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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane has a large Geocaching community that is constantly growing in size.

Brisbane has a large number of bushland areas, providing plenty of opportunities for cache hides. There are a similarly high number of parks and recreation areas making it an ideal spot for geocaching.

While Brisbane is normally fine and sunny, heavy amounts of rain do fall at times, particularly during Summer when afternoon storms aren't uncommon; this will result in muddy conditions for about 24 hours after the rainfall. Most Brisbane caches are waterproof with Ammo boxes, Sistema containers and Eclipse Mint tins being the most commonly used cache containers.

Queensland National Parks

Information on placing Geocaches in Queensland National Parks controlled areas is located on the Queensland wiki page [[1]]

Geocaching Events

Group Photo From G-Olympics Geocaching Event

Regular events are held where you can meet and interact with other geocaches. Most of these events are relaxing fun days, but you'd need to check the specifics for any given event to see if it would suit you. Upcoming events will be listed at the top of the newest caches in Queensland list and on the Queensland Geocaching Calendar.

Upcoming Brisbane Based Events

No upcoming Brisbane events.

Visitors to Brisbane

If you're visiting Brisbane, why not put aside some time for Geocaching? If you want some advice, assistance or someone to go caching with then try either contacting some of the people at the bottom of this page, or perhaps post a message on the Queensland forum on The Geocaching Australia Forum.

If you're staying in the city and want to do a few caches while you're there then try some of these caches, they shouldn't require you to get out of your work clothes or to have any special equipment:

Traditional Cache "The Brisbane Line"
Traditional Cache Looking Out (Virtually)
Traditional Cache Rooted - Weeping Mooney
Traditional Cache Brisbane Oddities - Caged
Traditional Cache Pioneers - Surrounded

Which Geocaches To Start With

Not sure where to start… Well, start on a cache that’s near to you! Punch in the coordinates for your house so you can get an accurate list of caches nearby and go from there.

If for some reason the caches near you don’t seem too appealing then try these caches, as they are generally quite popular, fairly easy and are shouldn't be to far to travel no matter where you're located.

Event Cache Inner Brisbane 1
Event Cache Cache in the Middle
Event Cache Mount Coot-tha
Event Cache Poogie Yes! Yes!
Event Cache Homer - GC8E0
Event Cache Looking Out (Virtually)
Event Cache Football Forest
Event Cache Ku-ta views
Event Cache Milton Meander
Event Cache Combination Alpha

Physicially Challenging Geocaches

Some caches can take less then 5 minutes to find, some you dont even have to get out of the car for. Easy is easy but hard is fun!

These caches set the standard for being physicly hard to find or to get to

Mentally Challenging Geocaches

Event Cache Charlie D Trek #1 Flinders Fun
Event Cache Matts High point
Event Cache Terrawambella
Event Cache Ripley - Believe it or not! - Mark II
Mystery Cache Crazy Cryptic Caching Crossword
Mystery Cache Basic Instinct
Mystery Cache Conundrum
Mystery Cache Iniduoh

Recommended Cache Bookmarks Lists from the Locals

Bookmark List "CREW 153 MEMORABLE CACHE HUNTS" by Crew 153
Bookmark List "TGF Loved It" by The Garner Family
Bookmark List "My Top 20 Caches" by Lt. Sniper
Bookmark List "Great Caching Experiences" by HawMorFords
Bookmark List "Classic Caches" by Onward Bound
Bookmark List "Our top spots List" by The Nanks
Bookmark List "Collection of Clever Caches" by Spud Willis

Recomendations For Geocaching In Brisbane

In Spring and Summer it is a must that you bring Sunscreen with you. Insect repellent is needed for most afternoon trips and when going into thick bushland and wetland areas

Where to buy a GPS in Brisbane

So your looking at buying a GPS and you don’t know where to start? Heres a list of GPS retailers in Brisbane for people who like to shop locally.

315 Ipswich Road
Annerley, QLD 4103
Phone: (07) 3391 4477
115 Murphy Road
Zillmere, QLD 4034
Phone: 07) 3263 2400
1717 Ipswich Road
Rocklea, QLD 4106
Phone: (07) 3875 1155
1102 Beaudesert Road
Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110
Phone: (07) 3275 2960
Browns Plains
Plains Junction Shopping Centre
48 Browns Plains Rd
Browns Plains, QLD 4118
Phone: (07) 3800 1733
Cannon Hill
Save City Shopping Centre
1177 Wynnum Rd
Cannon Hill, QLD 4170
Phone: (07) 3890 2744
140 Redland Bay Rd
Capalaba, QLD 4157
Phone: (07) 3245 2220
Cnr Oxley Dr & Brisbane Rd
Labrador, QLD 4215
Phone: (07) 5500 5700
19 Moss St
Springwood, QLD 4127
Phone: (07) 3808 2405

Alternatively there are quite a number of online GPS stores who deal with GPS products.

Local Cacher's Contact Details

  • Homepages, Email and Contact details
Lt. Sniper - -
The Garner Family is happy to be contacted by visitors who have any questions about geocaching in or around Brisbane.
ruzzelz is happy to be contacted about geocaching in or around Brisbane and SE Queensland

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