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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

What is a Cacher Name?

Geocaching Australia uses two usernames:

For most people, these will be the same. For other people who cache as a team but post in the forum as individuals, they will be different. For example: "Pesky!" in the forum is part of the team "The GeoMonkeys"

The need for a Cacher Name

You'll need an cacher name to log a geocache, a swaggie, to have mates or to make recommendations, plans, watchlists and various other stuff on Geocaching Australia.

Choosing a Cacher Name

What you select as your cacher name is completely up to you. It is limited by your imagination, creativity and whether somebody else has already chosen it.

They can be a nickname that you already use, a witty name or something simple. Remember that you will likely become known by this name as real names tend to go unmentioned in this hobby. It is preferable, but not essential, that your cacher name be pronouncable.

Be comfortable enough with your name that you would be happy to be called it in the street - because you likely will be.

Select a respectable name. Calling your self something like "drunken assassin" or similar reflects poorly on both you and the hobby / sport.

What is your Cacher Name?

To see what your cacher name is, have a look at your posts in the forum:

  • If you see a little button marked "Cacher", press that and you'll go to your Cacher page
  • If you don't see the little button, your Cacher Name hasn't been set up

Alternatively, click on "My" in the main menu and it will tell you.

Setting up your Cacher Name

You can now set up your cacher name to what ever you like.

Geocaching Australia uses two usernames:

Your Forum Name which is used in the Geocaching Australia Forum

Your Cacher Name which is used on and Geocaching Australia Listings

For most cachers, these will be the same. For other cachers who post in the forum as one name, but cache under a different name, then they will be different. For example: "Pesky!" in the forum is part of the team "The GeoMonkeys"

Using this page, you can change your Cacher Name if you want to have a different forum name to your cacher name. It will be your Cacher Name that will be the collection point for all of your logs from is the appropriate link and follow the instructions

Names are case sensitive, so "myname" is NOT the same as "MyName"

Cacher Names are unique, so if you are joining an existing team you will need to contact the site administrators to perform this account merge on your behalf. Post your request to change your name to the forums with the subject 'Please change my caching name from old_name to new_name'. We'll then change the ownership of your caches, logs, recommendations, planned lists, etc to your new Cacher Name.

Changing your Cacher Name

To change your cacher name:

  • Changing ones username on is possible by sending an email to
  • See the section above of Setting up your Cacher Name