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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Some geocaches have a codeword that are used to prove that you have found the final destination or cache. The codeword is entered on the log page when your log your find, proving that you have the codeword for that cache. The cacher makes a note of the codeword from the cache or final destination and when they log the cache they use the codeword as proof of a find.

The codeword is alphanumeric only (no special symbols such as %, $, &, etc) and is case insensitive. i.e. testing is the same as TESTING. It is important to be able to differentiate between (letter) I and (number) 1 as well a (letter) O and (number) 0 when assigning a codeword.

The caching community at large can create a codeword based logging mechanism for a specific type of cache.

Codewords are currently being used for:

  • educational caches for schools and other educational purposes where there is a high risk of the cache going missing.
  • History caches and some Virtual caches which generate a codeword when you answer all of the questions correctly.
  • Locationless caches have an optional codeword that can be used to verify the geocache has been logged correctly.

Codewords will also be used in the future for a special "Easter Egg" hunt.