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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Corrected Co-ordinates are used when you wish to identify in a search or a map a difference between the original cache location as published or a new set of co-ordinates. New co-ordinates are generally used when a solution to a mystery or unknown geocache is found or a new waypoint for a multi-cache is identified. You are not restricted to just those reasons, you can add a corrected co-ordinate to any Geocaching Australia geocache.

In general:

  • Proximity searches will use the corrected co-ordinates
  • Distance searches will use the corrected co-ordinates
  • BBOX (Bounding Box) searches will use EITHER set of co-ordinates
  • MAPS will use EITHER set of co-ordinates AND will show two icons on the map (if the view box allows it)
  • A corrected icon on the map will be identified by a smaller yellow icon to the top left
  • Where a corrected co-ordinate exists the cache icon will display a small yellow map marker to the top left
  • The cache page will show the co-ordinates and corrected co-ordinates
  • The cache page will show two static map images so you can focus on one or the other
  • Only Geocaching Australia geocaches can be corrected
  • The co-ordinates exported to your GPX file will the corrected co-ordinates (as there is only available room for one set of co-ordinates)

You can find the link to correct co-ordinates for a geocache on the right hand navigation area of a geocache page in the "Actions" section. The link is named Corrected Co-ordinates and will take you to a new page where you can enter the corrected co-ordinates.