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The Geocaching Australia Dashboards are a ladder / leaderboard of caches and cachers for a country and country/region. Details on the dashboards are based on the location in which the cache resides.

i.e. If I am a Victorian based geocacher and I find 10 caches in Victoria and 10 caches in New South Wales, my 10 finds in Victoria will appear on the Victorian dashboard and my 10 finds in NSW will appear on the NSW dashboard. This is a performance restriction.

The dashboards are generated no more frequently than hourly. For performance reasons the data is not generated in realtime. If the last generated time is more than 1 hour ago, then the next time the page is viewed, the data will be regenerated. If the time span is within the same hour, cached data will be shown from the previous hour.

Some of the dashboards will take some time to be generated. In general the state based dashboards should generate in less than one minute. Country based dashboards might take a few minutes. If you select a tab before the data is generated "weird" things might happen. You will know when the dashboard tabs are available by the first tab being set to a dark grey. If the tabs are all white the data is still being generated. Please be patient.

The most commonly used dashboards are the Australian and New Zealand boards.


New Zealand

The dashboards are split into a number of tabs to allow you to see the details without having to scroll up and down the page. Those tabs which have the Geocaching Australia logo are specific to Geocaching Australia. Those tabs which do not have the Geocaching Australia logo are a combined tab containing all caches, regardess of listing site.