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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

An Ephemeral cache is a type of cache that has a limited life span, between 1 and 7 days.

Ephemeral caches may be any subtype you like but they will always require a codeword to log on the Geocaching Australia website and the listing will be locked for new "Found it" logs as the geocache owner determines between 1 and 7 days after the geocache "hidden date". The geocache listing will contain the date on which the Ephemeral cache will be locked for new "Found it" logs.

They are called "ephemeral" because they will only be able to be logged for a short period of time and exist only for an even shorter period of time.

An Ephemeral cache may not be a simple walk up and find. It may require mathematical calculations or solving a mystery puzzle or looking for a codeword or sticker on a physical item with no geocache container in sight. You will need to read each listing to identify what needs to be done.

Designed to be used for additional geocaches at events, the default time to lock the geocache to new "Found it" logs is 2 days, but that can be varied by the geocache owner between 1 and 7 days. 1 day is midnight the same day as the "hidden date" on the cache listing. 2 days would be "today" and "tomorrow". Once the geocache is locked for new "Found it" logs you will not be able to claim a find. All other log types will still be permitted. If you are pressed for time, log a simple "Found it" log with some short text and then even after the geocache is locked you will be able to edit your "Found it" log.

Ephemeral caches are not dragonZone friendly as the dragonZone Guardians prefer geocaches that are more permanent and less ephemeral.

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