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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

My Favourites allows you to create a favourites list for any page at Geocaching Australia. http://geocaching.com.au/my/favourites

Under the Favourites tab, you will see a link called "Add to Favourites".

From any page, except the home page, you can click "Add to Favourites" and it will be added to your favourites list.

You can then add a meaningful name for your favourite and a number which defines in which order your favourites will appear.

There can be multiple items with the same number and they will then be randomly sorted, so it's probably best to assign a number. They don't have to be sequential

There is limited textual space in the navigation structure for very long names, so try to keep them shortish to make them more readable. Where applicable the name will wrap in the navigation structure. The more favourites you have that wrap, the more likely it will be that some of your favourites will drop off the bottom of your screen.

To remove a favourite, tick the delete box and hit the Update button.

While you are able to edit the link, it's probably best you don't otherwise you may get unpredictable results. Links external to Geocaching Australia will also work, but remember, your space is limited to your screen size, so too many external links will means you have fewer Geocaching Australia links.