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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Field Notes are notes that you can take in the field on certain GPS and other devices like PPC.

The files are generally CSV type files that are generated by your caching software and vary between manufacturers. For a list of Field Note formats that are used at Geocaching Australia, refer to this list.

Once you upload your field notes you can continue to edit or amend your Field Notes before committing them as logs.

You use the "import" widget to upload your field notes. This is the same widget you can use to upload your GPX files for missing logs. Fieldnotes are flagged as being imported or not, so you can tell what didn't come through and what the errored data is. We do a "best effort" attempt to change from UTM / GMT to your local timezone, so hopefully the dates will be right. You then move on to the "fieldnotes" page. ALL of your fieldnotes will be displayed on the one screen, one after another, so if you log 20 caches, you get all 20 fieldnotes on the same page. Saves you having to click and click and click.

Your can then:

  • Change the date
  • Edit the "type" (e.g. a DNF to a Found, etc)
  • Add co-ordinates if you like
  • Change the log
  • Add in smilies
  • Where applicable validate the codeword
  • You then choose to Create Log (which is defaulted) or Save Fieldnote or Delete Fieldnote

You can also add in the standard Geocaching Australia tokens to your log which will be added to your log when you send it.

There are three options you can choose for each Field Note.

  • Create Log will send your log to the logs table and it will appear as a live log.
  • Save Fieldnote will save your changed fieldnote for later editing but does not send it live.
  • Delete Fieldnote will delete the fieldnote, never to be recovered.

We will be sanitising the data, so you should feel free to upload your file even if it contains caches listed on Those Field Notes will not be imported.