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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Gadget cache

A Gadget cache is a sub type of Mystery_cache that requires manuipulation of a gadget at Ground Zero to access the log book.

A Gadget cache is located at the listed co-ordinates, but unlike a traditional geocache which should require no further action a Gadget cache has an additional activity that is required to access the log book or the physical geocache itself. In Groundspeak terms is is known as a field puzzle.

By listing your geocache as a Gadget cache people who seek to find your geocache will know that there is a puzzle or other activity required at the listed co-ordinates. This reduces the frustration of arriving at the listed co-ordinates to find a puzzle to solve or other time consuming activity or to arrive without the necessary tools in hand as a traditional geocache should be a locate and log activity. Gadget caches may require water to fill a tube to allow the cache / log book to float; additional tools such as a magnet to unlock a magnetic clasp; a battery to open a lock; a puzzle that you need to solve to determine a combination lock; some other activity to retrieve a key to unlock the geocache. By allowing people to know ahead there is a challenge at GZ there is less liklihood of someone breaking into the puzzle out of frustration not knowing they had a gadget to work through.

Hints, Tips and Tricks

Gadget caches can be quite maintenance intensive if the gadget is delicate. Even with the best intentions sometimes things break in the field when a geocacher pushes rather than pulls. Be prepared to have your gadget repairable or replaceable at short notice.
A number of cachers may be blind or deaf or suffer from some other afflication that may not enable then to solve the gadget. If possible give an indication of what may be necessary without giving the solution away
If someone needs special equipment to solve the gadget (such as ewater where there is no water available locally) it is best to indicate what is necessary to solve the gadget. Your toolbox may contain everything, sothers may not.< /br>


A Gadget cache should show up on your GPS as a Mystery_cache.
The GA Cacher app and Geocube should show a Gadget cache up on your device as a Gadget cache File:Cacheicon gadgetcache.png


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For the month of September 2017, Geocaching Australia is running a competition to celebrate the launch of the Gadget cache.

All you need to do is create, list and publish a Gadget cache in Setember 2017 to be entered into the pool to win one of the newly minted Gadget cache pathtags. These pathtags will not be available for sale and the only chance you have of getting hold of one is to be a prize winner or trade with those who have won a prize.

Competition Prizes

40 randomly drawn prizes will be on offer. Prizes must be claimed by the end of October 2017.

Competition Rules

  • You may enter as many Gadget caches as you wish.
  • The more entries you submit (hide), the greater your chance of winning.
  • Your cache must be a Gadget cache. i.e. must be in line with this wiki entry on Gadget caches.
  • Your cache must be active and findable on the day the competition closes.
  • Your cache can be entered into the competition any time up to the close of the competition.
  • All Gadget caches are considered automatically entered into the competition provided they are findable on the day the competition closes.
  • Your cache MUST be unique to Geocaching Australia with no cross listings.


The decision of the competition organiser is final and no correspondence will be entered into.