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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.


GeoArt is a form of art work created on the surface of the Earth using geocache locations to outline or create the art works.

GeoArt Geocache

The GeoArt geocache type allows you to create GeoArt at the Geocaching Australia website without having to resort to multi-cache offsets or mystery / puzzle geocaches to manipulate the desired map location. Simply create a GeoArt geocache, add in the GeoArt map co-ordinates and your GeoArt will be presented on the map.


Using a GeoArt geocache type, the geocache listing owner has two sets of coordinates that they will enter.

  • The first set of co-ordinates is the location of the geocache container. This means the geocache would be a traditional geocache style hide where the published co-ordinates are the location of the geocache itself.
  • The second set of co-ordinates known as the GeoArt co-ordinates or location is the location where the GeoArt icon will appear on the map marking out theGeoArt.
  • Add a unique public tag to identify your GeoArt for use in MyQuery to narrow downloads to just your GeoArt.


A GeoArt geocache will appear on your map in two locations.

  • The first is where the listed co-ordinates have been published and the icon will change colour depending on whether your a find, DNF, archived, unavailable, etc, in the standard fashion of Geocaching Australia map icons. Gmapmarker ga gca.png Gmapmarker ga found.png Gmapmarker ga dnf.png
  • The second will be a mirror image of the GeoArt icon and will have an orange background to visually distinguish it from the standard icons. Gmapmarker geoart.png

This also means that before, during and after you have found all components of the GeoArt, you will still be able to see the GeoArt mapped out.


  • A GeoArt geocache does not have the ability to use codewords or GeoCheckers.
  • A GeoArt geocache will show up on your GPS as a traditional geocache type.
  • A GeoArt geocache will show up as a GeoArt geocache on your mobile phone app.
  • A unique public tag identify your GeoArt geocache for use in MyQuery to narrow downloads to just your GeoArt.