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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

The Geocacher Clock is a realtime clock where the time is displayed via a photo generated and uploaded by the members at Geocaching Australia. You can see the clock in action here or by hovering over the Cachers tab and select Clock to see in in use as well.

You upload photos to the Geocacher Clock via your My pages. or by hovering over the My tab and selecting clock.

The concept is similar (well almost completely ripped off) to the human clock experiment which can be seen in action here

Initially time periods which do not have any geocacher picture will show the Geocaching Australia logo with the time stamped in the bottom left corner.

Take a photograph of yourself creatively displaying the time. Avoid taking a picture of yourself in front of clock. Make it interesting. Try to make the time clear as after all the only indication of the time is your picture. Pictures that do not show the time will be removed from the Geocacher Clock.

You are encouraged to be very lateral in your thinking in how you want to present the time. The only requirement is that you or your GPS is clearly shown in the picture and that the time is also clearly shown. After all, it is the picture of the time that will tell people what the time is. You could lay down on the beach and hold your arms up to the right time or scrawl the time in the sand. Make a timepiece out of some old batteries from your GPS. Arrange your dogs and cats into the number on your clock. Be creative. Check the human clock site for ideas, but remember, you or your GPS needs to be in the picture.

Each 1 minute period is available for use, so over a 24 hour period this will require 1,440 pictures. Once a picture has been uploaded, that time period is no longer available. As such, we ask that for "popular" times, you please keep to one or two pictures. That way lots of people get the opportunity to get their face out in prime time.