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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Geocacher geocache

A Geocacher geocache is a sub type of Locationless_cache where the geocacher themselves in the geocache.

By listing yourself as a geocache you will be required to have a codeword which you will provide people who "find" you and you should carry a log book in your wallet or purse so people can log the fact that they have found you. This will be your personal record of people you encountered in the fields.

Where exactly is the geocacher?

A Geocacher geocache may be somewhere near the listed co-ordinates or they may be a random encounter. If there are a valid set of co-ordinates then the geocacher should be in the general vicinity of the co-ordinates. This would be the situation should there be an event and the geocacher is turning up there. Look for them near the event to see if you can encounter them. If the co-ordinate are set to 0,0 and the location is listed as locationless then the geocache is not at a particular location but may only be found by a random encounter. How many times have you encountered a geocacher randomly in the wild? This is your chance to see if they are a Geocacher geocache.


The geocacher should maintain their co-ordinates by either setting them to 0,0 for a random encounter or setting them to co-ordinates such as an event. Don't forget to reset the co-ordinates to a random encounter at the end of the event.


You will be required to enter a codeword that the geocacher will provide to you when you encounter and log them. If they do not provide a codeword you will not able to log them as a geocache. This means even if you know their GAnnnn code, you will still need to codeword to log them. You will need to ask for the codeword and sign their log book and not just spot them from a distance.

You will also be required to log the location at which you encountered this geocacher. If the geocacher is at their home co-ordinates, please round off the co-ordinates to the general location so as not to release the location of their residence. If you do not provide a location when you log your find you will receive and error and be asked to provide the location.


A Geocacher geocache should show up on your GPS as a Locationless_cache.
The GA Cacher app and Geocube should show a Geocacher geocache up on your device as a Geocacher geocache Cacheicon geocacher.png


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To celebrate the launch of the new Geocacher geocache type, everyone who hides and publishes a Geocacher geocache during the month of October 2017 will be entered into a draw to win a new, limited edition Geocacher geocache pathtag. There are only 50 pathtags minted and with some going to the Geocacher geocache designer and the pathtag designer there are a limited number of pathtags available to win. Your only way to win one of these pathtags is to enter this competition. You are limited to one Geocacher geocache entry for this competition.

Competition Prizes

40 randomly drawn prizes will be on offer.
Prizes must be claimed by the end of October 2017.
Logo competition geocachergeocache large.png

Competition Rules

  • Entries close 30th October 2017 23:59:59 with the winners announced a week after the competition closes.
  • The competition runs for the month of October 2017
  • Entries will be the hide and publication of a Geocacher geocache on the Geocaching Australia website before the end of October 2017
  • Your Geocacher geocache must be available to be found at the end of October 2017 either at a set location or a random encounter.
  • The Geocacher geocache must be a unique listing to Geocaching Australia
  • You are limited to one Geocacher geocacher entry into the competition
  • A draw will be conducted after the end of October 2017 and winners advised by email


The decision of the competition organiser is final and no correspondence will be entered into.