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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

A Jigsaw cache is a cache where the hider has created an online jigsaw puzzle and asks the community to use the jigsaw website to solve the puzzle and obtain a codeword in order to log it.

Please note that the Jigsaw cache type has been introduced through feedback during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic as a way in which some geocachers can continue to participate in the activity of geocaching. They are not a permanent geocache type and the ability to list new Jigsaw caches at a point in the future will be reduced to zero. As a Jigsaw cache does not have a location they can be considered an armchair cache in that they can be logged without leaving your home and as such there are some restrictions on the way that they are counted in your statistics.

As an online Jigsaw puzzle does not exist in the real world a new log type of Solved will be used to identify that a cacher has solved the jisaw puzzle. Solved log types does not contribute to your find counts.


  • Jigsaw caches are welcome on Geocaching Australia.
  • Geocaching.com does not accept these caches for listing as it is unique to Geocaching Australia.
  • A codeword is mandatory for creating and logging a Solved log type.
  • You are limited to listing 7 active Jigsaw caches at any one time. If you have 7 or more Jigsaw caches you will not able to publish a new one or unarchive an old until until you archive on to make space for a 7th listing.
  • Archived Jigsaw caches will be automatically locked for any new log except an Unarchived log type.

Locating a List

As there is no location for a Jigsaw cache, there are no associated co-ordinates, state or country for Jigsaw caches. A list of Jigsaw caches can be found on Geocaching Australia at the following location.

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